Oct 14

Strength Training Exercises — Insane Forearm Exercises

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Oct 14

Speed, Agility, Strength Training

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Sep 14

1000 Calorie Workout Video – 88 Min Abs, HIIT Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching

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Sep 14

River Valley of Edmonton Up For Outdoor Adventure

The setting is beautiful with natural backdrop in the river valley of Edmonton in North America. Throughout the seasons there are lot of activities which goes on. You can go for a walk around the river valley to begin with.

The wind proves to be chilly but the localities brim with pride because of the scenic beauty. Both the locals as well as the tourists enjoy the outdoor activity which goes on at Edmonton. Going in for golfing and geo caching in the Laurier Park are the activities that you can indulge in. There are 20 big parks in the area and the pathways are all well maintained. In all the seasons in the adjoining area you can play one game or the other.

Margeaux Morin, the reporter reporting from the park of Louise McKinney Riverfront showed the trails that surround the park for trailers, for cyclists and runners, and reported it on his twitter feed. Margeaux who is an avid athlete and a runner states that there are staircases for those who want to run. The trail of Trans Canada is impressive for those who go on a trail. For canoeing and boating the accessibility to river is great. You can even stroll in the promenade. Cruise with the family is also another option.

The gears that are required for the activities are different than the rest and if you are not carrying them then you can always borrow it or take it on rent from the place. There are skiing clubs of snow in the place. In fact ski trails are another great activity which goes on at the place. The water which is present in the river provides scenic beauty to the place along with picturesque surroundings. From balls of football to baseball and snow equipment you can take all on rent.

Aug 14

How to Gain Mass In Your Biceps

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Programming for Powerlifting and Strength Training

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Jun 14

Fitness Wearables From LG Coming On May 18

Good news for the fitness freaks across the world. LG is coming up with new fitness gadgets that can be worn to work upon several fitness issues of people. Two gadgets-life band touch and heart arte earphones were first unveiled at the CES. These two gadgets now will be launched officially for the consumers’ use on May 18. Experts hope that the LG fitness wearable’s can be purchased from markets by the end of this month.

These fitness gadgets of LG can be easily connected to the smart phones that have either iOS or the Android as their operating systems. While designed to work with the LG fitness application, these two gadgets will also be compatible with a range of other devices like run keeper, myfitnesspal and mapmyfitness.

The life band touch bracelet of LG has a  0.9 full touch OLED display for real time access to fitness data. There are two sensors in the lifeband touch bracelet. A triple axis accelerometer and an altimeter. These two features work together to provide exact data in real time. The LG fitness bracelet comes with three different sizes-small, medium and large. This will cost around $150.

The other device, LG heart rate device has been designed to feature heart rate data by measuring blood flow pressure in the ear. “The heart rate ear phone provides unique physiology. It allows more exact fitness metrics, especially when you are into any kind of physical activity like running, lifting weights, rowing etc,” said a gadget analysis while commenting on the new product of LG.

The headphones can be used as a solo tracker. It also can be used in concert with the lifeband bracelet. It provides audible status updates those who wear it. Now it is time to see whether the LG fitness products can find customer once they are launched in May end.