Mar 16

Humbert Nostalgic About the Race

A warmer weather is sure on its way and has indicated the same for Chris Humbert. Although he is looking forward to a warmer weather, it does not mean that robin return when the snow has melted or when the trees start bearing leaves again.

Rather it is that time when Chris goes back to St. Cloud for his annual trip to run the Earth Day Half-Marathon. The teacher at Mound Westonka High School and coach will be taking part in the 16th edition of the race that will begin at 8:30 a.m. on the campus of St. Cloud State University on Saturday. And just like the past fifteen years he is surely expected to be in the starting line when the gun sounds.

Humbert has explained that the game was just a celebration for him, after going on Greece yacht charters. He believes that for people like him who love to be outside moving without having to put on layers after layers of clothing first, the coming four or five months is indeed the best months of the year. There were almost 3500 competitors for all the races in last year’s Earth Day weekend for all the races. The races also include a 1km kids race and a 5km run and corporate challenge on Friday night.

This year almost 1350 runners have signed up for the race with many more of them going to still sign up and register. This event which is conducted every year brings a lot of people in town and makes the hotel accommodated and restaurants full. And the town hopes to welcome back all those people who must come back since they have had a very good experience.

Humbert has many reasons as to why he keeps coming back with the biggest being that he went to St. Cloud State. The race is always like trip for him down the memory lane which makes him nostalgic and feels close at home.

Apr 15

Duchene Bags The 3rd Place In Rotterdam

Brantford runner Krista Duchene impressed the racing world last Sunday by bouncing back to a great shape that saw her grabbing the 3rd place at the Rotterdam Marathon Event. The 38-year-old was in quite a poor shape for almost one year given her broken leg but it’s her sheer will, determination & hard work that have brought us to such a glorious position lately.

The Ontario resident, who is also a doting mother of 3, crossed the finishing line in 2 hours twenty nine minutes & 37 seconds. She is hopeful that her 3rd position would be able to secure a good spot for her on the Canadian track & field squad for Rio Olympics the coming year. Continue reading →

Apr 15

How To Build Strength & Cardio At The SAME TIME

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Mar 15

Youth Strength & Conditioning | Class Example #1

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Feb 15

Finger picking technique tutorial for guitar to build strength and accuracy.

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Jan 15

Wednesday Workout – Build strength, lose weight, burn fat, develop six-pack abs, and core strength

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Jan 15

Fitness centers find the burn of wearable higher, higher rents

Deciding to get all healthy in the New Year is literally not new, but turning to smart units for exercise promptings is an arising design, a person that is posing a dispute to high-stop gyms. With a few do-it-yourself digital education devices on the market, few issue no matter whether personal trainers as well as gym memberships would experience from digital helps giving fitness strategies with just a click of a button.

Wise gadgets which poke customers to trip out the couch and burn up energy are turning into big company. Shipments of wearable fitness and health gadgets in the world are supposed to have US$ 70 shipment, with other calculations envisioning it to be a US$ 30 billion current market by the year 2018. Sensible bands planned up premier phase with around US$ 20 million in shipments. Continue reading →