10 Min Beginner Leg Workout – HASfit Easy Leg Workouts – Beginner Strength Training – Easy Exercises

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  1. great man..its good like all ur exercises….thank you coach kozak ..u
    make my life better …..

  2. I gotta say, being a smoker, these short workouts are great. Easy to stay
    motivated and getting my mind on quitting the lung killers.

  3. as soon as this workout gets too easy for you

  4. abelinhazoomzoom

    Great easy leg work out to get started, thank you for your video and tips!

  5. I will come back and use your videos again 🙂 cheers!

  6. where the fuck are you guys coming from!?, you guys are like on every
    single workout channel piss off you douches!!!

  7. it wouldnt be too much but it would be pointless if you want to walk go for
    a 20 minute walk outside before this workout it will get your muscles
    warmed up a little if you’re a beginner focus on training properly, if
    youre wanting to get super bulk and youre a skinny little guy, do this
    workout but dont stop after three sets keep going until you physically cant
    do it anymore. then look up “running” stretches, do those to avoid being
    sore, and rest 24 to 48 hrs.. do it all again until failure.

  8. rufus09maddenify

    How often should I do this workout in a week

  9. after doing this exercise, can i make some laps around my home? or it would
    be too much?

  10. how do i know i should pass to the next level?

  11. How many times can i do this a week?

  12. Then get outta here, this isn’t for you

  13. hey i am body builder

  14. Hi, I’m a skinny guy with a bulging belly and love handles. I’ve been
    following your “FREE 30 Day Low Impact Beginner Workout Program” and I
    really do feel better (stamina wise) but the belly just won’t go away. Do
    you have an easy routine that flattens the belly?

  15. Andriy Kandaur

    Good day! I’m Nick.I did -30 lbs last 2 weeks.Open hawght.so

  16. what brand are your shoes coach? I need great workout shoes!!

  17. can this get rid of thigh fat

  18. microworkers? 😉

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