1000 Calorie Workout Video – 88 Min Abs, HIIT Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching

Video Score: four / five

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  1. I am so unfit that I only got to 4 mins HELP!! I NEED TO GET TO DO THIS

  2. For some reason I just cant bring myself to do the full workouts in these
    1000 calorie workouts. I can only do a little over 26 mins… it sucks!!!

  3. what can i use instead of weights because i don’t have any?

  4. Omg, today I had a major cheat day (Well it’s major for me – 4 slices ppp
    pica, 3/4 chocolate filled pizza dough (it’s medium pizza dough folded in
    half and filled with chocolate), 5 digestive cookies, 5 small cinnamon
    rolls, 7 sweets, 15 gummy bears, 1 can coke) so I felt very stuffed, tired,
    sluggish and just bleeeh. But then I decided to workout, and now after I’ve
    done this.. Well I still feel stuffed and bleeh haha… But I feel so good
    in my soul, and so accomplished. I know that the ~800 cals I’ve burned,
    wasn’t nearly enough to burn the cals I ate, but that doesn’t matter right,
    I did, what I thought I couldn’t 🙂 Thank you, Kelli and Daniel, now I can
    sleep through the night. Can’t wait to wake up sore!! <3

  5. sick workout, i died in 47min :< also i've a question, i'm new here and i dont really know what does the left and the right number of calories mean?

  6. Sravani Vadlamani

    Shit! I dint know I was this bad! Coud’nt last 40 mins of this 😮 😮 :o

  7. good workout but some music would’ve been good.. makes it go faster and
    more fun!

  8. cant believe I finish the whole routine my new favourite workout site added
    to my list. Thank you!!

  9. I pulled a butt muscle near the end>:{ Totally threw off my groove. So
    mad>:[ Looks like I don’t get to do lower body tomorrow :/

  10. This workout is complete! ;)

  11. dang girl, how do you look so good while doing this!? 20 minutes in and i
    look like i’m dying! LOL

  12. see how s it

  13. Fernanda G. Estrella

    mori en 21:59 ahh madre de dios!!

  14. I feel sorry for the woman having to exercise for more than an hour with a
    nice smile lol

  15. hey @fitnessblender is it ok to do the tank top arms workout and adios love
    handles after this? 

  16. how many times a week should this be done ?

  17. Just finished it, never thought I would be able to do it. Remember that its
    your mind that establishes the limits, just don’t give up when its getting
    harder for you. 

  18. this is a great work out I enjoyed it.

  19. Is it true the more heavier you are, the more calories you burn? :)

  20. heartlesandfreaky

    that feel you get when you hear “this workout is complete”.. 🙂 

  21. I did it and it works thank you

  22. Mariann Horváth

    I’ve just finished this workout with no stopping! 🙂 I’m drained, but it
    was awesome. :D

  23. There are a few excercises …that make my whole body hurt just thinking
    about them .. for instance- burpees or squat jumps aren’t that flattering.
    But I do my best to get over them, and endure all the struggles … Thanks
    a lot for these videos! They keep me goin’ 🙂 and I’ve started to feel my
    stamina is improving day by day

  24. Omg I cannot believe I made it through this workout!!! I am super tired.
    Good workout. 

  25. Whoa! Can’t believe I finished this whole thing. Great workout! Thanks!