2011 Army Football Strength Training

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  1. JoseAngelCorona8

    I’ve seen many different schools strength & conditioning programs and I have to say this is by far the BEST i’ve seen in terms of functional movements, proper technique and just overall hardwork. I’m proud of these men and the Army team.

  2. These dudes don’t go to service academies to play football. They know their chances of playing in the pros are slim. They’re in it for the education and the service… most of them.

  3. 1:55: That’s how you use your hips!

  4. 1:30 My poor greenwaves 🙁

  5. they suck

  6. The chains provide progressive resistance to help with explosive power.

  7. Do you realize how stupid you sound? You are not only criticizing D1 athletes, but future U.S. soldiers.

  8. i look at how all these guys squat and think they should be using a low bar squat. they use a high bar and try to sit there butt back, why not use a low bar for more efficiency?

  9. explain to me how i dont?

  10. you obviously have no idea of what youre talking about then

  11. Gets heavier as you go up vertically. Say it’s 185 while he’s squatted down, it gradually gets heavier to 275 as he stands up.

  12. This x1000. Minus 1-2 kids, all of the guys here have good-great form. Squats are the same way. This strength coach knows his shit.

  13. nice job on the oly lifts! it is rare to see football players perform them correctly. great coaching.

  14. i watch this video before i lift every time.

  15. @lpfisww yes. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. And i just had to laugh its what i’ve been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. The video is public now. Have a look >> bit.ly/Omjn0r?=crnvme

  16. very underrated team 🙂 im an Oregon Ducks fan but this team has talent

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  18. Victory

  19. adds resistance 

  20. I’m a top athlete so I’d do pretty well.

    Can’t wait to see that guy in a wheelchair – from weightlifting.

  21. haha id like to see you get out there and play against them…those weightlifting coaches get paid for a reason

  22. I know that song is Biggie Smalls, whats the song name,???? Tell me please Thanks yall

  23. They Give The Lifter more weight to use, instead of addding more Plates

  24. Man, how do they get to benching all that???

  25. @KDJ713 adds weight, the chains are heavy.