500 LB bench press raw

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  1. If he were on roids, he would be benching like 600 lbs. Not everyone who can achieve incredible fitness feats are juicers. Even if he was, So what? You still need to dedicate hours in the gym, put in your precious blood, seat, and time into training.

  2. I’ve put up with shit heads like you…… you think your such hot shit that any one thats better than you in anything you gotta say hes on steroids….what ever bro don’t fucking watch his video, aka even if he did take steroids benching 500 is insane…. especially at his weight, and what did you expect someone skinny as your self weighing 140 lbs and no muscle would bench 500?

  3. damn thats some impressive shit nice job man


    that’s a big-time lift considering u had no spotters. Word of advice from an oldhead; do your solo benching in a power rack. Just set the pins to about chest level. Lay the bar across the pins, roll it to where u normally touch, then get into ur tuck position. ur chest and upper body will go above the pins a few ins., allowing u to touch w/o hitting the pins when bringing the bar down while having the safety of the pins to catch the bar if u happen to dump it

  5. No disrespect here man at all but with that much weight why not have a spotter just in case you lose your bench groove? Great lift though.

  6. fuck off you prick you just don’t have any balls to keep up with the like of us go jump off a bridge you think o hes on steroids but you just don’t have the heart or the determanition to life hard

  7. What’s your height? Does height effect how much you can lift?

  8. lmfao quick pose lmao where the abs ,where the leg , the back ?? ??? yet again another one that just focus on bench sad

  9. Now i only know 50 cent do love bodybuilding. XD

  10. Now i only know 50 cent do love bodybuilding. XD

  11. The guy has obviously taken steroids or prohormones in his life before, but that does not make it any less impressive.

  12. this is the largest scariest black man i’ve ever seen hahahaha, big as fuck. so steriotypical

  13. DragTheWaterSomeMore

    so you think anyone that juices can hit a 500 bench? I see them at my gym everyday and its mostly middle aged men hitting 315X3 at best

  14. holy shit


  16. I notice your left arm neater than your right arm. No offense to you right arm! Liking the double bicpes pose. Goodjob.

  17. i do know the truth.. because the world record for unassisted, drug free world record is 440 lbs.. champion is mike joseph so how come ur not the world champion? 🙂

  18. PurpleNightmare52

    Well, I dunno if he does or doesn’t use steroids…but how the hell would you know? 500 raw is very strong, but I’m almost at 500 raw myself and haven’t touched steroids a day in my life. So it’s tough for me to sit here and conclude that some guy who’s a little beyond my own level MUST be on steroids. I know lots of pro athletes use, but chill with the accusations.

  19. TheCelticHitman

    Impressive arm development…Oh yeah, impressive raw bench too!


  21. williamsamuelson1

    Big Balls for that lift unassisted buddy. Found you on bodyspace for another inspiration – nice going, stay strong. God bless.

  22. just because you don`t think you could ever even dream of benching anything near 500lbs in your lifetime doesn`t mean that the few who can had to cheat. big case of small dick syndrome you have there, buddy.

  23. Jealous of what?? You must be naive to believe hes natural, stop dick riding him faggot..If you think hes natural you dont know shit about bodybuilding lil man go suck on his cock you ball bag..

  24. lol stfu you`re just jealous because he`s so strong he could probably rip you in half.

    that was super impressive KONCRETE30!!!

  25. Okaaaaaay yes you know me huh?