Am i fat or skinny

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  1. your skinny. could tone a little but your hot!

  2. the only person that can tell you the truth is…….. YOU :) BUT I WILL GIVE YOU MY OPINION, your perfect on the outside,

  3. Beauty pretty princess

  4. You are pefect you look so Hot

  5. You are perfect !

  6. I think you are neither

  7. i want you laid on my bed in a string pantie ok 😉

  8. Quit bein insecure. You look fine

  9. you look perfect to be enjoyed.

  10. TheCutecherrygirl

    Thanks for your comment… I like my body now, but 4 months ago i was fat….. and i just wanted your opinion 🙂 I still want to lose some weight or at least gain some muscle

  11. You are skinny

  12. This video is so stupid you obviously know you are skinny and have a great body so stop looking for attention by asking. Im not being mean just honest

  13. julierushellbowers

    Ur body is beautiful infact I have the same exact body NO JOKE!!!!!

  14. Look sexy to me… So my choice is neither

  15. Fat or skinny? You’re fucking hot. Good lord.

  16. i would say skinny

  17. Skinny

  18. TheCutecherrygirl

    Thanks for your comment 😀

  19. definitely skinny. btw nice butt, hips n thigh.