Basketball Strength & Conditioning Training Workouts

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  1. push ups, get a chin up bar, do tricep dips……….

  2. I have a question, have you seen this program called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My uncle says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  3. what if you cant go to a gym

  4. More info in this link

    Replace (dot) into (.)

  5. How do you help make Osgood Schlatters go awat!????!!! They kill !!!!!

  6. I think this is good. I ran across this 4th grade kid on youtube doing a basketball workout. I thought it was really good. search 4TH GRADE BASKETBALL PLAYER ALIJAH NELSON. keep doing what you are doing. we need to get back to the basics of training and working on the skills of the game.

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  8. jimmysmithtraining

    I prefer to keep it low. 3-4 sets of around 4-8 reps.

  9. what are the reps going to look like for deadlifts?

  10. jimmysmithtraining

    Yes, which is why I referenced the articulation of the femur and the tibia for acl injuries.

  11. sixfootfourwarrior

    The femur is a bone FYI 😛

  12. jimmysmithtraining

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    Thanks for watching.

  14. jimmysmithtraining

    Go for it and check out my MMA videos.

  15. jimmysmithtraining

    I’d avoid them. Most people look at them and say you have to do them but that’s old school, non progressive thinking. You can get the EXACT same benefits from all the split squat variations.

  16. Ohh my bad,umm could you do like a workout file,with Day 1 and the Workouts,Day 2 and the Workouts,Day 3 and the Workouts. I would appreciate it very much,because I don´t know how many sets and reps I should do on the alternative exercises you mention,like Hamstring Curls,Dumbell Rows etc. but thanks for sharing your knowledge. Greets from Germany

  17. Thx, also i’m 15y and 6months old my boxing coaches say i am a born puncher? Did i get into fighting sports too late, i got in 1month ago. I’d like to get somewhere in the sport of mma, if i do highschool wrestling for the next/last 2years of hs and i do bjj as well as boxing. Any tips and do i have a chance? I know there are people who been training mma since they were 8-10 but i’m a mesomorph and athletic.

  18. I am currently on a programme designed by a friend that has front and back squats and i am 6 foot 3 is that not good for me? 

  19. jimmysmithtraining

    Will do! I’ll make a video very soon.

  20. jimmysmithtraining

    I just uploaded the video like 5 minutes ago.

  21. hey can you talk about mma more, i have good boxing cardio but how should i build wresling/clinching/grappling explosiveness and cardio.

  22. Damn 2 Views…wonder what the next 11 Minutes will look like,better be good! lol