Beginner Workout: Get (Back) In Shape

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  1. I used´╗┐ my cat ­čÖé

  2. oluwafikayomi26

    Working out´╗┐

  3. what can i replace with the medicine´╗┐ ball

  4. Thanks for the great video. I have a question. What can I use in place of a medicine´╗┐ ball until I purchase one?

  5. she does have the legs of a soccer´╗┐ player

  6. why so´╗┐ sexy?

  7. SoccerIsMyLife79

    Im 14 really´╗┐ need to get back in shape for soccer im maybe 115-120 pounds 5ft All summer Ive done nothing but stay inside and play video games and now that soccer season is here ive been dying on sprints and laps

  8. TheTheOneYouWant1

    i rllly need help on gettin back in shape, but i try everthin, but it wont´╗┐ let me lose weight, wat do i need to do? ­čśÇ

  9. he´╗┐ is a good trainer

  10. TheCondemnedProphet

    Hey, im not´╗┐ that fat… These workouts are easy as deuce…

  11. so this´╗┐ will shpae my back up?

  12. don’t lister, your thighs are just fine. you look great!´╗┐

  13. mindheartnsoul2008

    What workout do u think for someone thats´╗┐ obese?

  14. i took wights class in high school ive been out for 2 years and been´╗┐ a couck patado ever sence well i got back into it the other day u can still lift my same weight i did in school but i wear out fast

  15. helps to´╗┐ my back ?

  16. sears, the best place to´╗┐ get it

  17. Its a heavy ball, 2-5 kg´╗┐

  18. I’ve been doing that s ince I left that comment and I look way better! it awesome, easy workout. Try it. **Not´╗┐ as effective as weight lifting**

  19. FreddyNtertainment

    idk but if´╗┐ u find out mind telling me :]

  20. medicine´╗┐ ball???!!!!

  21. pandaeXpressiions


  22. i shall train 3 things now, put books on my arms and stretch them out for my arms, stand in a position that´╗┐ made my leg cram like 1 year ago >.> and breath with a .. umm… rythem… that should help a bit in my Napfa test like 1 week later or 2 week later


  24. what is a´╗┐ medicine ball?

  25. That’s the problem… I don’t erally have time to do work outs and lift dumb bells..´╗┐ only saturdy and sunday most of the time.

    I live in Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan. where woulda guy go to get good weights? I know wal-mart is shit all!