Beginners Pull Up Workout Tutorial Week 1 strength training for pull ups workouts exercises

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  1. Hey guy check this article out if your a calisthenic beginner! Its fucking

  2. hey man what instrumental do you use over this?

  3. i havent see any update from this channel nowadays due to new youtube and i
    already frogot about this channel. good thing i need to make a reference
    about pull up workout and i just remember where to find. thank you

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  5. this was a really helpful tutorial man. packed full of useful information,
    short and concise 🙂

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  7. pullups are so much harder than chin-ups hahaha, but i’m not too bad at
    them now 🙂

  8. Maulana Muhammad

    thanks for the tutorial

  9. This was extremely helpful !!! I was looking for the video exactly like
    this one – for total beginners ! Thank you immensely !!! <3

  10. Street Workout & Parkour SWPK

    This is the first weeks pull up videos for beginners. If you can already do
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    a workout routine for beginners, please go to and in
    the tutorial section, go to calisthenics and you’ll find pull ups week 1
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  13. bad grammar? I didn’t notice it. Incidentally did you mean you’re having
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  14. Alexander Lawson

    Good video 🙂 is that Santa Monica beach by any chance?

  15. This tutorial is perfect. Thanks!

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  18. I I can do it anybody can I’m 14 I’ve always been small I’m in 9th grade
    and everybody is stronger than me but I can still do 9 pull ups in a row

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  20. Thamks man you really help me!

  21. love the song. hahaha!

  22. are u using wide grip?

  23. I have to start doing pull ups for my PFT. And I’m not no god damn 145
    pound girl. I got some work to do. Thank you for your video and your time.

  24. Truely the most useful video on this subject thanks a lot sir

  25. Mitrabhuckdi Anusak

    Great tutorial for our first time to start with my age fifty seven years