Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Lateral Raise

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  6. I have a comment for you. In your first demonstration the elbow joint is bent to 90 degrees, and then with the demonstration requiring one arm the elbow joint is almost fully extended. Although it is still supposed to be the same exercise. The proper way of doing this exercise is to keep your arms almost fully extended with a slight bend at the elbow joint. (Keeping a your elbows at 90 degree decreases the resistance, there for reducing the stimulus and the overall growth of the muscle.

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  9. he obviously can lift much heavier based on his built. he is just using light weights as a representation of the form to have when one does the excercise.

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  11. that’s cool I forget to pour the water at the top
    that’s what I call the palm down

  12. Does this work if your 90 years old ?

  13. the ‘pretty much and you wanna do etc..’

  14. @MrSpit6

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  15. all of these videos have a wierd depressing feeling to them

  16. Yes.  Obviously his instructional videos with 5-pound dumbbells are an accurate representation of what he lifts on his own time. If you didn’t catch the sarcasm dripping off of this comment then you’re too stupid to function.

  17. you obviously have no idea what your talking about, you need the heaviest weight possible with atleast 1 to 1.5 second reps for 6 – 10 in order to stimulate deep muscle fibers, flying 2.5 pound dumbbels for 5 seconds a piece doesnt do anything but put a ton of strain on the joints, just like any other exericse, the only exception for building muscle this way is if you take steroids, because yes the muscles do tear, but barely at all… muscles deal with explosive movements, alrigt

  18. @BigDawgShawn19
    Time under pressure increases muscle strength. The more time under pressure or slow lifts, the better strength your muscle will gain for that weight

  19. Wit those little weights u got all this big muscles ?

  20. your triceps are ugly nigga.

  21. High quality instructor for sure

  22. this guy does not shows the exercises for abs coz ……..he has a big tommy

  23. You lift your elbows a bit too high, remember to watch that <3