Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extension

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  1. would you say this is equivalent to french press?

  2. From what I understand, the lower arm has to be straight. Even a little bend can cause pain. Also, try not to bring the dumbell too low at your back.

  3. Allah is watching…….and me too….

  4. he cant have got big going light the only way is heavy with good form

  5. Like the vids bro. Question – while doing this my elbow hurts. What am I doing wrong please?

  6. when I do this my neck always hurts afterward. Can yyou give some tips about how to do this while not injuring your neck?

  7. he’s just demonstrating it with light weight so he can show good form.

  8. hes so big he can barley touch his other tricep haha

  9. Your videos are good……..clear and concise. You demonstrate good form and technique also, nice and slow……like it should be done!

  10. THIS IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. you need a small weight at first

  11. i am getting elbow pain when i do this. Am i doing it wrong? (actually all tri exercise i do i get elbow discomfort except pushups and dips.)

  12. This is a tip i give all of my athlete/bodybuilder enthusiast patients, weight doesn’t build muscle,proper diet, posture and resistance does(note the word proper)

  13. thank you

  14. They do untill you’re 18.

  15. and about your bodyfat? 😉

  16. And his triceps looks humorously small? No, so shut up

  17. AbnormalPenguins

    Exactly my thoughts, just worded better 🙂

  18. What to pay, some dude in the gym teached me that long time ago, for free.

  19. don’t blame him kids, I have pushed my arms size from 13.6″ to 16″ just by doing home workout for about 3 month and eating whatever I like, no diet program or so. Don’t say that at home you can’t build muscle, lol

  20.  Yes I am !! LOL! Thank’s buddy

  21. it was a pleasure… i hope you awaken soon you seem a good guy

  22. okay!!! Thank you for your job and your response

  23. yeah but do higher reps 12-15..ull still get hench… just dont go doing 6-8 reps

  24. 6 weeks for results

  25. skillzgone2waste

    “It’s called a over-head cause you’re bringing it over your head”. I get it now!!!