Build Muscle Mass and Strength – How to Do Rows the Right Way

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  1. ghostofpaulrevere

    Hey man I have a weak lower back/ pain in lower back and I get really tired doing upright rows, any suggestions?

  2. – Is he saying to tighten up or to suck in – there’s a difference.

    I teach the valsalva maneuver which involves taking in air, holding it and then pushing the belly out. This helps to stabilize the back. If you suck your belly in, it mimics doing a crunch, which is spinal flexion, and is the opposite of what you want. You want your lumbar curve in your back to curve inward toward the belly, not flex.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Joseph Costanzo

    eliot hulse says to suck in. he talked about this in one of his revent videos. isnt it safest to keep a tight stomache?

  4. Tremendous video Jedd. I had rotator cuff surgery a few years back but I still train this row from time to time, just never that heavy. This is excellent.

  5. – Awesome man.

  6. powerlifterism1

    This helped quiet a bit!