BUILD MUSCLE – Omaha Strength Training – Kettlebell Complex

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  2. Cmon dude this is an old post.

  3. yes they do !!

  4. lol…ok kid

  5. a strength an conditioning tool,great 4 building strength power and conditioning depending how u use it

  6. poop your pants.

  7. Hello? What is it?What do you want?

  8. that is so inccorrect

  9. depending on how you use it, your generalization’s missed the mark as you obviously didn’t watch the his circuit as he’s pretty much using the bell to add resistance to the circuit. It really does depend on how you use the tool as to what benefits are gained.

  10. Kettlebells are plyometric in nature more of a calorie burning tool.

  11. are you saying if he did this with a dumbbell there would be a difference? of course they build muscle it’s a weight and it looks like it’s over 50lbs so I’m assuming it’s challenging aswell

  12. Kettllebells dont build muscle.

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  14. This is my kind of workout. Simple yet brutally effective.

  15. just be careful!you dont bwant to hit your nuts

  16. thetornprince138

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  17. nice music,nice training!

  18. Oh fuck yeah dawg.. That is why you look like you do… Ripped up and strong as fuck…

  19. Good job!

  20. i never see you do chest but yet its so torn apart its just insane