Build Strength and Power on the bike with Hill Repeat by Coach Troy

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  1. the music is so 90’s

  2. I need to lose weight. Not only that but I need to build better leg strength. I started Spinervals 4 weeks ago and have lost exactly 12 lbs. Its great because I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight.

  3. where was this filmed?

  4. DeniskaFromRussia

    because it’s a triathlon bike

  5. He wanted to say “fuck you” to the UCI regulations.

  6. Um, why doesn’t his bike have a seat tube?

  7. sick bike

  8. Thanks, Coach

  9. ilbirichinomusic

    hahaha, in winter I always had to do exactly this because the roads up to the bigger mountains were frosted, so I did this working unintentionally all the time 😀

  10. excellent information, thank you.
    Therese Sousa

  11. Thanks for the tips! =)

  12. i love your videos !

  13. What do you recommend for a beginner(5/11) who wants to get the horsepower that seems so far away?

  14. @vic0mark

    I personally like the X-Lab carbon wing for the TT bike. In my position, it’s aerodynamically neutral (meaning that it’s completely drafted by my body), and it looks quite good. It has space for 2 bottles along with everything that I could ever need to carry.

    Unless it’s integrated into the frame (Cervelo P4), I’d always go with behind the saddle as they’re aerodynamically neutral and it doesn’t take much to negate the aero advantage of the frame.

    For the road bike, jersey pockets!

  15. Thanks for the info. To be fair to the guy, if he’s carrying the saddle bag during training only, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I myself am trying to figure out how to carry the things I need on longer rides without blowing the aero features of the Transition I just bought. What are your thoughts on the behind-the-seat systems vs. other hydration methods on a tri-bike?

  16. @vic0mark

    The bike is supposedly more aero than anything (un-faired) with a seat tube.

    Being as the frame is monocoque, it is just as stiff as just about any other frame of similar weight, but is apparently more vertically compliant.

    I suppose that it’s biggest feature is likely that people are drawn to the unique styling.

    Seriously though, who buys the most aero-frame available, just to strap a saddle bag onto it!

  17. Do you know what the advantage of that frame is? Thanks.

  18. Thanks dude, I thought so but wasnt too sure, Cheers!

  19. @ktayor1


    The Airfoil Pro is illegal for TTs, it’s only legal for triathlon.

    To be UCI legal, it has to have a standard frame design (diamond), so the lack of a seat tube is a big no-no.

  20. Is that a UCI legal bike??

  21. Good advice. Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out on my next training ride.