Build Strength Evenly | Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles

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  1. LivestrongWoman

    That’s awesome!

  2. I’m improving! first time i did this, i couldn’t do the side plank, and now I can! yay 4 improvment

  3. catloveroreo12345

    I like her toe nails… :3

  4. hi tara i love ur yoga for beginners it really word for me ..but i hv questions for yu … i gave birth 8 months ago n 2 weeks ago i started doing ur yoga for beginners .still feeling some things are really tough for me

    so my question is i need to get in shape again can i do this with your yoga ? and when can i move to intermediate ?(i saw the advanced n i dont think ever i can do what u r doing legs up arms down )
    also what other vedios for you that you can recommend for me thanks tara 🙂

  5. more videos please! i have been doing your videos every day and i love them! thank you tara

  6. how often should i do this and each video in the beginner playlist to be able to move to the intermediate yoga ?!

  7. LivestrongWoman

    Depends on the type of shaking, but usually it’s a good sign!! That just means your muscles are working extra hard. The shaking gets less and less the stronger you become

  8. is it normal if ur shaking while doing this???

  9. Tiffany Thompson

    it’s cuz of all that exercise haha

  10. Love this! I was really stressed out and uneasy today and now I feel great and relaxed. Thanks for this!

  11. OMG……i feel so much better and happier. I found this video while typing my hw up. so glad i found it

  12. PeachesNCreamBarbie

    These beginners’ yoga videos are awesome ! My back feels great after a day at my desk job. Thank you

  13. Every taste if different… I like women skinny and someone else like women with big fat ass.. 😉

  14. i dont want to be rude but she is very thin :s

  15. I love the pace in which you guided this sequence!! Thank you taking note of the comments Tara on speaking slower. One love!! Namaste