Build Strength, Size & Power with Combination Weightlifting

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  1. intuitioninstitution

    wow your jacked! nice video


  3. This are the famous “Dumbbell Curl & Press”? Its a real question btw, I know it sounds sarcastic but its a real question

  4. Its only bad for you if you do it with bad form. If you swing your upper body or if you arch your back to much when trying to lift the weight up you are using bad form and might hurt your back. A lot of guys (if not most guys actually!) use bad form when curling, so a lot of time yes, curling standing up is bad for your back. But if you keep your elbows down and your torso motionless there’s no danger. Hope that helped 🙂

  5. IndependentALEX

    I see a chicken 

  6. I’m stealing this one!

  7. your right shoulder is a little lower

  8. i am new to “working out” but that seems like a very educated retort

  9. isnt it bad for your back if you stand up and do bicep curls?

  10. yep should keep ur proportions right.. my legs are jacked up right now actually my legs and my ass are sore from squatting lol

  11. I agree. But look at his legs. There puny. If ur gonna workout make sure you also work ur legs.

  12. perfect arms.. respect

  13. yeah i sent off for a body building course and still waiting for the muscles to arrive

  14. buildmusclequickly

    Magnificent video 🙂 It helps me a lot and I get valuable information:) Hey dont forget to watch my videos ^L^

  15. what weights are you using? 50 lbs per dumbell?

  16. P1nkPowerRanger

    100% agree, you idiots should be thankful that there are others who take time to show stuff they found out and not blame him for not having muscles on his leggs -.- i guess they dont have any on their own 😉

  17. Ok, so the guy doesn’t have good legs…but he does have good arms, so why don’t you take his advice and use it for improving your upper body?

    You kids would rather sit on youtube and bitch about his legs, shut up, get in the gym and get your arms as good as this guy’s.

  18. show  me a real bodybuilder

  19. I gave this comment a thumbs up for it’s sheer creative absurdity.

  20. ok you amateur bowflex geek. real body builders know if your biceps are bigger than your calves you’re a bitch. actlikeyaknow herb.

  21. just another bitch with chicken legs. show me some ripped legs then you’ll have my respect.

  22. why dont you train your legs with the same intensity. your biceps are almost bigger than your calves=poser.

  23. where are the legs guy…

  24. yea yr right when i thought i couldnt do anymore i started to breath more and got in bout 4 more reps in bench

  25. Angel, you are correct. Sometimes when you go heavy, holding your breath (with a slight slow exhale) tightens up your chest & core to squeeze out a few more reps. Old habits die hard and I definitely do not recommend holding your breath.