Celebrity Trainer Strength Training Workout

Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. WatchaGonnaDoBrah

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  2. SarahsFabChannel ur dilicious looking girl!!!!

  3. ur so extremly good looking sarah

  4. seriously, this is very funny!! i laughed all the way!!

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  6. Wow, if Sarah is chunky I would love to be chunky!

    She may not seem very toned sometimes but she is in no way chunky.  People need to watch their vocabulary.

  7. I have the same shoes as you! Theyre soo amazing i love them.

  8. only people that go to a gym are juicers and steroid users. and all yall people that watched thi are roid and juice users

  9. SarahsFabChannel

    I’m not really training people these days! I have too much to do online!

  10. SarahsFabChannel

    it’s like doing a pushup using the back of a bench. Your body is a straight line but your hands are up high at chest height standing up. I’ll get a video up soon of this though!

  11. SarahsFabChannel

    no no, he’s checking my form haha

  12. SarahsFabChannel

    yeah, many gyms don’t have the bands either which stinks!

  13. SarahsFabChannel

    in this video is 18% but that is high for me, usually I’m around 15-16 – It’s called offseason for me aka summer. Damn the cocktails, bbqs and ice cream 🙂

  14. Kristy Routhier

    sarah what is your body fat percentage?

  15. smilesarelove111

    That creep lurking in the background with the red shirt is always stairing at your ass. Hah.

  16. i do most of those, but the lateral walks in my gym are hard,due to lack of space!

  17. You made a comment about using something….power rack.. instead of modified push-ups. Do you have a video that demonstrates this. I’m not sure what it is and I’m not able to do the full push-ups yet.

  18. Your shoes are bomb! :D

  19. LillyBunnsBoutique

    Great video, as usual, Sarah! I’ve shared it on my blog! notjustalittlefat.blogspot.com hope you don’t mind!

  20. hy sarah can u train me????

  21. i wana fucke her so bad

  22. Two questions: I want to buy dumbells; is there a way to figure out what weight I should get? #2: Any workout music suggestions? It’s like I get sick of my playlist really fast lol

  23. EveryNameIsUsedDamnF

    Really Hot but boring

  24. You can thank running sports for the quads if I remember correctly? 🙂

  25. i want to kill the bitch that keeps using flash on her camera.