Chest Aesthetic.Workout by Marc Fitt

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  1. strengthsforeveryone

    I wish i had abs like him

  2. all exercises on the same day? oO

  3. Most beautiful guy in the planet XD

  4. Can some 1 say me where i can buy this Tank top what he wears ? I cant find it on the orginal page of Beyond yourself .. there is only some shirts .. and also wanna know where i can buy this armband 🙂 ..

    Thx !

  5. TheSilverStripe

    do you do all this sets every day when u r working chest? LOL u r superman

  6. natural testo-e & dnp?

  7. Hey, have you tried “Musclegion” (do a Google search for it)? There you can watch a good free video explaining the best way to develop notable lean muscle really fast. This made it possible for James to break through his bodybuilding stagnation and thus pack on ripped lean muscle with no fat very fast. Perhaps it will help you out too.

  8. its a huge routine. i like it

  9. whats that band on the top of his arm and where can i buy it??

  10. Are you natural BRo i hope so ! GReat work

  11. Just depends on your stamina. Super sets are pretty intense so people typically do 2. i think but i would ay shoot for 3. 

  12. just do it once? or 3 sets of the superset

  13. Toothpick haha? i think fitt is pushing 185 190. I think.

    Of course he is a toothpick compared to Coleman or Cutler or any other ” bodybuilder “.

    He has the physique of a fitness model. He has the body any guy would want. I would rather look like this toothpick over some huge swollen uncut walrus.

  14. They call it super set. Which is basically a drop set.

  15. 80 lbs dumbbell presses, no wonder you’re a toothpick bro.

  16. or do all the exercises without resting just go right to the next one

  17. no.. superset that means without rest

  18. wtf does ss stand for? single set?

  19. @ikbnscv sure is right. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. Listen I saw a video which helped me fix 2 simple mistakes nearly everyone makes. The video describing the method is here =>

  20. Bitch please… what are u doing there?
    look at the girl in the back 0:36

  21. i bet you were sore as hell when you got done

  22. to copy the style of GREG PLITT of course…!!!

  23. abs on a skinny guy = fag

  24. decline dumbbell/bench, and straight bumbbell presses are waste of time dude….just do incline, the machine work really well and cable flies if you want to build nice and thick chest…

  25. N0SacrificeN0Victory

    For what is his Forearm Band for?