Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Decline Chest Exercises for Your Upper Body Workout

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  2. lmao

  3. when Dave Chapelle started lifting weights?

  4. not every day, u need time in between for ur muscle to rest/grow

  5. blackyblackblack505

    The abs are extremely resiliant pieces of muscle. Working them out everyday, after time you’ll stop getting results and you’ll have “fat”abs. Doing crunches every other day helps to keep them lean and sculpted.

  6. sorry i justa want to ask you, it’s ok if I work every day my abs?

    or it’s better just one day and the next day no..

    pkease answer

  7. i didnt know Dave Chappel Worked out lmaoo good video though

  8. can I do this exercise using only dumbell not the cable?

  9. thx, this is helpful

  10. this guy is the man!!!!!

  11. Thought it was Tiger Woods at first, he even sounds like him.

  12. Actually there are two “pec” muscles; The Pectoralis major with is mostlythe “pec” you see, which runs Horizontaly,..and then there is you Pectoralis minor….which runs slighty under the Pectoralis major vertically…..

  13. …theres no such thing as upper or lower or middle pecs. its One muscle.

  14. Thats not incline, in majority lower and centre of your chest. Decline. And yes xM4dm4x you can feel the difference between flat, incline and flat. If you can’t, your form is off or your just not training hard enough. Everybody is different so not everything works for everyone, and people like and dislike different things. This guy has good form and shape, and he’s giving away free good advice. Good on him.

  15. id have to disagree form is important. have you ever felt the difference between incline, flat, decline? but thank you for being polite. but i do agree that diet and such are also significant factors and just as, if not more, as important as what you do in the gym!

  16. (One last continuation)

    I think that’s the best way for the masses to get the size and strength they’re after. Don’t sweat the particulars; focus on getting ridiculously strong on things like dips, inclines, squats, deads, rack pulls, militaries, rows, chins, curls … the size WILL come, and provided one’s bodyfat is in-check, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that man will be almost as refined as the bodybuilder who obsesses over twisting his pinky just-so in rear delt raises 🙂

  17. (Con’t) That is, so many guys get into this anal-retentive mindset of doing all these different exercises to work “all areas of the chest” when they’ve NO business doing so.

    In other words, I think most lifters would best forget about upper this, inner that, pick a compound move or two/bodypart (+ maybe some accessory stuff), then work to get as strong as hell on those exercises.

    When that gent hits a strength peak, back off a bit/deload, then trade that exercise for another good one.

  18. To continue (and hopefully not being too rude):

    To this end, there’s some validity to the idea of performing inclines to emphasize the upper pecs, dips and declines for the lower pec, etc.

    Still, the difference is relatively negligible. If someone only did incline presses and worked his way up to repping out 315-365, I’d expect his whole pec would be pretty darn good. Same said had he worked up to repping 405 lbs. flat benches.

    The reason I’m harping on this is simple (next msg.):

  19. You look good brah.

    I disagree about the multi-tiered nature of the pecs, though (hey, it’s Youtube … you knew it was coming :D).

    I certainly mean no offense by that; I just think it’s a little misleading. Since the pecs are serviced by the same tendons of insertion, it’s pretty much impossible to isolate, say, the “mid-pec.”

    It IS possible to emphasize the clavicular pec head somewhat more than the sternal one, and vice-versa; that’s where the upper/lower bit comes in.

  20. thank you very good and clear

  21. THANKS G.