Core strength training

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  7. Does Strengthening your core improve your speed in running? and does having a bigger arm swing increase speed as well?

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  11. ThePainFactoryCom

    I really like the Russian Twists I incorporate
    them into some of the workouts on my channel.

  12. This is great thanks.

  13. Outstanding Video. I do this core repeatedly throughout the week.

  14. Really great video, thx for sharing!!

  15. its the same thing,contraction.

  16. core strengt is verry good if you doing MMA for the takedowns 🙂

  17. you could do between 20-30 reps of each movement (med. ball). The plank series could go for 15-30 secs.

  18. so how many reps are you doing of each move or are you doing like a 30 sec on each ?

  19. I wouldn’t call it squeezing as much as i would call it bracing.

  20. no.

  21. dimedropper1992

    do you squeeze your abs as hard as you can while doing this stuff?

  22. awsom core body work you teach and coach really well keep up your good work

  23. youre voice was so smooth i turned into peanut butter