Core Weight Loss Yoga

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  1. It really gets easier and easier once u get the hang of it, does this really help you lose weight?

  2. I felt the burn! lol.

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  4. Not only is the yoga teaching fantastic, but your positive attitude and love for yoga really motivates :)

  5. This is ALOT harder than it looks,if this is your first time trying this it hurts. But try and keep your focus on the ceiling or wall. I do these all the time for color guard,and trust me,I was like crying. We have to do 200 crunches,but now I do them every day and I love them. Great video,btww!

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  7. am lens mi ?

  8. Hi Tara, Great Videos, and I love the positivity you radiate…I have done this routine about four times this week so far but towards the end I can’t go on and I have to stop. Especially the bit where u bring ur knees towards your chin..any tips??

  9. turquoisepanther99

    Hi , I was wondering , for how long have you been practicing yoga? You’re really good at it 🙂

  10. My mother always says that the best way to lose waight is to eat meals from 417 Paleo Recipes.

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  14. HomeYogaPracticeTV

    There are specific alignment principles that will help your low back. In my yoga therapy practice, students with low back and hip pain need to re-establish the curve in their low back, especially older women. It’s challenging to describe in words, but I will make a video on this soon.

  15. HomeYogaPracticeTV

    Hi. I really recommend Manduka yoga mats. Cheap mats are often slippery, and some of the other eco-friendly or natural mats will fall apart. Manduka mats have a great grip, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and will last forever!

  16. okay! thanks for replying!

  17. excellent routine! one of my favorites! book marking it now! 🙂

  18. Hey, have you heard of this plan called the Fat Blast Blueprint? (look it up on google). My sister says it helps people lose weight easily.

  19. ShannonIsNumber1

    Hi Tara, when you bring your legs all the way back behind your head, are we supposed to put our toes on the floor, or keep them slightly above the floor? I couldn’t tell!

  20. Hi Tara, good day! 🙂 Do you have any weight loss workout for arms? I have chubby arms 😀 i would love to loose some weight in my arms

  21. I have a Nike yoga mat and I love it – good grip and bright blue! ‘Warrior’ mats are also good! Just make sure the surface won’t make you slip, and it’s easily portable. Good luck!

  22. your feet are massive! 😛

  23. Thank you for the guide! I would like to improve my core a bit as I feel it’s one of my weakest areas. I seem to run out of gas too fast when trying to work with it though as my middle back aches from core exercises.

  24. True, but this is a weight loss segment lol. You have to expend a little more energy than that if you want results.

  25. im buying a new yoga there anything special i should look for when buying one? or somewhere special? anyone please answer!