Dark Souls – More Strength Build

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  1. where do you get it?

  2. Lol kellogs fury sword

  3. When I get mad I need to buy a new controller…

  4. I think that is the conclusions we are came to. That being said there are
    glass builds with low Vit.

  5. hey, the reason they have such low vitality is because they are such low

  6. thats why i dont love to use strenght build, u have to be patient and
    waiting for a mistake from the openent. Im dex build and I use the +15
    scathe even if they block it it causes bleeding thats the best way to end a
    fighting properly =)

  7. Split damage hurts it’s damage output and It’s just underpowered in
    comparison to it’s competition.

  8. Also, any weapon in the hands of a good player can be viable, meaning any
    weapon can be good. For example, I was with hellsservant in a stream and he
    was cleaning house with a Crescent Axe. I always use the Lucerne and
    Warpick in duels and the timing throws people off. Just because a weapon
    isn’t as viable as another means it’s necessarily bad, in that case, we
    would all be max level and have greatswords of Artorias, if we were looking
    to use the best, and only the best gear.

  9. Lol these comments are too funny 🙂

  10. I have one question; Why do you fight fair, why don’t you heal, why don’t
    you do everything in order to win? To me this honour thing seems a bit

  11. That sounds about right. Anyways, you may actually be able to pull off a
    voice over type gig…

  12. i love this guys commentary XD

  13. I fought like alot of people tht just expects me to go to the enemy lol and
    he used like 10 humanitys and did not beat me so he wentasnd used the
    homeward lol

  14. If the gestures are making you rage because they leave you open to gankers
    Seraphim, it might be better just use Gouge’s wooden carvings just to get
    greeting across. Plus, dropping a piece of magical wood takes less time
    then most of the gestures.

  15. neither does darkwraith. you never have a cap on who you can invade up, but
    down you can usually invade people up to 5 lvls below you

  16. Will you be doing another strength build video with the other strength
    weapons or boss strength weapons such as Smough’s Hammer, Nito’s
    Greatsword, or Gwen’s Greatsword?

  17. This is the internet dude. The place where ignorance ruins every joke you
    can make.

  18. They bring the stolen souls of our comrades to our forest gates, threaten
    our people with ganking and death, and insult OUR honor? Oh, we’ve chosen
    our words carefully Darkwraith, perhaps you should have done the same. THIS

  19. It would be a great career if i could.

  20. Yeah, I guess it is. You can get your paycheck from the guy down in the
    guardhouse on your way out of the compound.

  21. Funny thing is, I recently swapped to it in my off-hand and finished off a
    few players without problem. It has the moveset of the longsword, which is
    great by the way, and if I were facing a somewhat inexperienced player or
    had a buff, it could be viable.

  22. because I have a microphone and you don’t, so you will listen to what I
    have to say.

  23. nice commentary. Play-by-Play commentary is very rare. Haha. nice. You
    sound like you want to commentate for a career! hahah

  24. Are you in the burg a lot? I am almost positive that I have dueled you
    several times… It is also likely that you won, though I can guarantee
    that you weren’t ganked.