Duchene Bags The 3rd Place In Rotterdam

Brantford runner Krista Duchene impressed the racing world last Sunday by bouncing back to a great shape that saw her grabbing the 3rd place at the Rotterdam Marathon Event. The 38-year-old was in quite a poor shape for almost one year given her broken leg but it’s her sheer will, determination & hard work that have brought us to such a glorious position lately.

The Ontario resident, who is also a doting mother of 3, crossed the finishing line in 2 hours twenty nine minutes & 37 seconds. She is hopeful that her 3rd position would be able to secure a good spot for her on the Canadian track & field squad for Rio Olympics the coming year.

“As I crossed finishing line & knew that I had needed standard & was notified about my 3rd place- well, I puked at first. Then came my happy tears & smiles”, stated the Ontario runner, who was running for Team Charter yachts UK

“I feel really blessed to recover so greatly”, she continued. “I did not feel any pressure about getting into the race, that was great.”

Krista broke her femur last year in April when she was simply 500m away from finishing line at Canada Half Marathon. She managed to limp across finishing line & was finally an official came over to scoop her up. She had to undergo surgery to fix her broken leg that inserted a plate & 3 screws into her leg to mend it. It took 3 months for her to get to training in the month of July – uring which she made key contacts with Hamble yacht charters, who ended up sponsoring her team!

“My coach & I were patient & wise. We focused on marathon speed for each of the races that led up till my first endeavor at Rio Olympic 2016 standard.”

The race was won by Japanese runner Asami Kato.

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