Explosive Power and Functional Strength Training Program.

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  1. Why is your training program so much money.?

  2. @vohjhmg when it comes down to it most of us are here because we not happy with how our body looks. its no surprise so many us are overweight, the weight loss corporations have little interest in helping people keep weight off once they loose it. check out this video it shows you why the diet industry does not want you healthy and what you can do right now to start losing weight at home -> bit.ly/JyThoB?=qxrcio

  3. you even talk like a kiwi haha

  4. great info

  5. I was also thinking, deadlift. I saw a video for lunges (for basketball) but can’t find it. That might also be good for agility. Probably the best thing is just the basics (deadlift, squat) for power, (bodyweight) lunges for agility (I will try find the video demonstrating it), cable punch for core strength, bench press to gain upper body mass (if weight is needed).
    Cycling is good for core strength and stability.
    I don’t really know too much about conditioning though.

  6. HumanMetamorphosis

    Hey mate, yea I’m originally from New Zealand, hence the shorts. We are indeed involved with rugby conditioning. The program seen in this video would serve any rugby player incredibly well and, assuming you are already in reasonable condition, I highly recommend it to you. Depending on what position you play, I’d also recommend additional training strategies to suit your particular role in the game but that would require a bit more than a youtube chat message.


  7. HumanMetamorphosis

    Hey mate, Yep I’m Kiwi but have been living in Australia for about 4 years now. Your advice seems pretty accurate to me but I’ll go ellaborate a bit right now.


  8. Are you a Kiwi? I thought your accent sounded (a little bit) Australian, but then I saw the Silver Fern on your stubbies. I think you are definitely from the Oceania region.
    On a slightly more serious note, another guy (flexlooiz12) asked about strength and conditioning training for Rugby (so, definitely functional strength development and conditioning). Could you review his comment, and possibly send him a message giving advice? Maybe I gave bad advice, I’m no expert.

  9. Strength and conditioning? I’m no expert, but I think strength training can increase endurance. I would say, do squats (but Powerlifting squats, not Olympic style squats) to get your legs right. The cable punch (or single arm cable press) is good for developing core strength and functional strength (as opposed to bench press, which helps gain mass but won’t help as much for pushing things when you are standing. Apart from being bigger, which you may not want).
    Good form is a must.

  10. Hi there I noticed u were wearing allblacks shorts, ? R u involved in any rugby strength and conditioning?? I loved ur video and am interested in gettin more advice as I am a rugby player 21yr lookin to advance my training!! Thanks,

  11. Listen cerfully the person who speak in the video,I see Imade a mistake. I make a bouth push ups, and the both pull ups, but he explain i video evrething, and dont know is it right or wrong but without cable training and dumbell i think like replacment adding, but still experimenting!

  12. thank you. I;ve also though the same, and trained after flu before returning in fitness program :)

  13. HumanMetamorphosis


    Monday, Wednesday, Friday would work a treat!

    Have fun.

  14. HumanMetamorphosis

    Hey mate,

    1. no it’s not for all ages…. 16+ I’d suggest.
    2. you don’t need to have done any 1-5rm training first. However, this program does require that the user has a reasonable level of body awareness and technique know how etc.


  15. HumanMetamorphosis

    If you do this as hard and fast as you can handle, with the heaviest weights you can safely manage, you won’t want to go running afterward 😛 Lay flat on your back for 5 mins instead!

  16. It;s very great workout, I have only one question, how to train three times in the weekend ( Monday, Wednesday and Friday ) or sometime twice in weekend. 🙂

  17. Very nice !!!

    i have some questions about the program .

    1- Is it for all ages? (teen for example)
    2- Do I need to do strength training with 90% 1RM and 1-5 reps first? , or can i just start straight away with the explosive training program ?


  18. can i follow this workout routine down with some long distance running?? or at least 20 – 30 minutes of steady state running?

  19. HumanMetamorphosis

    Haha you can use whatever footwear you like. If you want to know what those “socks” actually are, google search “vibram five fingers”

  20. not trying to make fun of u but are u supose to be in socks or can we have shoes on

  21. HumanMetamorphosis

    Hey mate, I’m glad you are enjoying it.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    2. Yes for sure. You could add in 2 or 3 short, sharp, high intensity cardio exercises at the start of the strength circuits if you like. Be prepared to sweat a swimming pool 😛


  22. i found my monday wednesday friday workout

  23. The programmes on your website look great, as does everything in this video. I just can’t get over the price though, $550 for just one element of the course! I have purchased a lot of exercise programmes/books in my time but never for that kind of cash. It’s a shame as I’d love to give your programme a go…..I just don’t want to take out a second mortage to do so…..

  24. Hey zac, thanks for this training program ! i am feeling great with it. Ihave some questions:
    1. I use the TRX for 20 minutes as a warm up workout ist that ok ?
    2. Functional training is good for loosing fat and gain muscles, is it possible to join a cardio training to your program to loose more “fat” without loosing muscles ?

  25. wow…dude..this is terrific.. you sound like an aussie…respect…this video is a great example of how to get truly strong…. thanks again bro….keep em coming please