Fat Guy Gym Vlog Day 2 Bench

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  1. youre soo gross’i can’t.

  2. you must build strneght in order to build mass hwoever

  3. FatGnomeTribute

    It gets more efficent by lifting weights anyways. But I assume you’re working for lifting 1 time(big weights) only which doesn’t get u much mass

  4. KaneWrestlingFan999

    Not true, there is such thing as your central nervous system becoming more efficient, meaning your body can fire the muscle fibers it already has better. Olympic lifters are a good example.

  5. BallsDeeeeeP253

    Keep it up bro, you’re an inspiration to many!!!

  6. yay for working out video! you can combine weights and cardio into one decent weight loss routine. i am so glad to see you lifting, like i said soon your channel will need a new name. keep it up!

  7. PhilWrightFitness

    You must build mass in order to build strength.

  8. Bro, remember you are working out on a caloric deficit, your energy levels are going to change daily,
    Monitor your training, you need a plan. I like the compound lift program youre doing, and the rep count range, but then you are not following your program when you are doing 1 rep max, like that 405 DL & Bpress
    You trying that 405 dead lifts will snap all your shit up.
    Like the boxing for cardio, but if you dont make it to the gym, go for a walk for cardio.
    keep it up.

  9. Just like you bro, i love my front squats but i also love my back squats too… Great to see you working out! Much Love FATMAN!!

  10. I tried the front squats and failed miserably! lol, good update bro

  11. How’s your home gym doing?