Fitness – 8 Minute Ab Workout with Laura London

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  1. Thank you!!

  2. LOVE IT

  3. Hello, have you thought about this plan called the Max Muscle Method? (check google). My mother in law says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  4. Her stomach looks hard out, you can press your stomach so you see you have great abs.

  5. great workout!! i love your videos 🙂

  6. thank you..

  7. Thanks laura i can already see 2 bricks at the top and some side definition this is exciting. thank you so much for all of your videos its so expensive to see a personal trainer and with your videos we can have all the time in the world to work out with your amazing videos and get the body we desire i cant thank you enough. now im going to go crunch it out. =D smiles and big hugs .

  8. WAY TO GO!!!! I LOVE IT… You are doing it!!!

  9. thanks laura wow im feeling the sting im likeing the work out thanks so much for your videos you have the best work out videos ive ever seen around and the muscle confusion is great im in love with these work outs and thanks for the booty work out video .im going to get mean abbs now im eat well just veggies protein and fruit water is my drink of choice these muscles are comeing up out of no where thanks laura.

  10. Will do. Thank you..

  11. Thank you!!!

  12. Thank you!

  13. I sure do! A few of them, just look at my exercise playlist for great bboty workouts.

  14. Thank you for posting fitness video.. your body is awesome… i do hope to have body like you i lost 7 kl already from 67 i’m 60 kl…you abs video really help..Thanks

  15. do u got and booty building work out to build muscular gluteus

  16. I’m a fbb and I just love your workouts!

  17. I would add in some weight training. Muscle burns 300 times more calories than fat. Eat clean 5 meals a day protein carb and veggies. Try one of my fusion workouts which is a combination of cardio and weight training… Let me know how you do.

  18. Hey,Laura. So, I’ve been jogging for a month now and I’ve only lost 3kg. My daily exercises consists of 2km jog in the morning,20 mins Ab workout (2 Your previous vids 😉 ) and 4km ride with a bike,I do the same in the evening, but I can’t see any results 🙁 My height is 1.74m, weight 53kg, BMI is normal.. Do you think that it’s worth doing that or should I add some new exercises? Or maybe take some photos so I could compare it later? Oh, I can see my upper abs, thanks to Your videos ofcourse ;D

  19. That was a good one!!

  20. Great workout Laura!!! That is definitely a great workout. Thank you for the video! Please checkout my channel and videos for videos designed to build tremendous core strength!

  21. My pleasure!! Work it girl!!!

  22. Oh, I will also be adding some of these workouts into my everyday routine. THANKS LAURA!!!! xo

  23. Laura- thank you so so much for posting all of these fitness videos online. You are such an inspiration to me because I really want a more muscular body and you make working out fun and easy. Thanks again. xo

  24. Too many sneakers and I grabbed a pair in the dark!! I have a habit of wearing mismatched sneakers… LOL… xoxoxo

  25. If you are doing a lot of jumping sneakers are a must. If you are working with weights, they will protect your feet if you happen to drop a weight!! I always wear sneakers…