Fitness Workout – 20 min Beginner Dumbbell Interval Workout by

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  1. Well Done, this will definitely help however you might prefer to checkout our ConikiXXX series of workouts. They run for four weeks and there is an upper and lower body workout for each week that you alternate between. There is also an accompanying How To video for each workout. Follow this for four weeks and you won’t recognise yourself. Best of all it’s real time and it’s FREE ! Hope that helps.

  2. i just bought my first dumbbell spindles today using my brother’s old weights so i need to get ripped so i don’t suck at bowling

  3. Great ! Let us know how you go, we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

  4. add this to my work out plan

  5. This workout can be done DAILY. Do each exercise for 30 secs + 10 sec rest to move from one exercise to the other = 1 set. Repeat 6 times. Choose a weight that you can control enough to slow down the movement at will and only increase the weight in the last set.

    1. Standing Dumbbell Curls

    2. Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extentions

    3. Seated Twisting Shoulder Press

    4. Jumping Side 1/4 Lunge

    5. Swinging Hammer Curl Flat Foot No Jump Squat

    Repeat 6 times – avoid rest between sets.

  6. so all those exercises for only 30 seconds and 10 second rest right? how many times a week?

  7. Good question, the reason is that any pressing movement above the head such as in a shoulder press requires greater stability than pressing whilst lying on your back as in a bench press as the bench is supporting you. Breathing in will add greater volume of air into your body thus expanding your rib cage and hence giving you a wider base to push against which in turn gives you greater stability so you can press with strength. Try it.

  8. why do you breathe in when you push then breathe out when you bring the weight back down? ive been told to do the opposite is there a reason for that

  9. A fair position, but I would say that dumbbell bent-over rows with assistance from a bench are perfectly fine for beginners as long as they dont go too heavy too soon.

    Obviously barbell pendlay rows aren’t as easy for beginners.

  10. Bent over row for beginners seems to be a little challenging and they tend to use their lower back most times. Because of this we have chosen to omit that exercise however it is incorporated in basic intermediate and advanced versions in our other routines. Thanks for your comment.

  11. No bent-over row?

  12. thx m8 that’s really helps 

  13. very nice ……. thanks a lot 😉