Fitness Workout – Easy Beginner Tight Booty Buns & Butt by

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  3. We’re glad you liked it ! You should check out our most recent videos and especially our ConikiXXX series which we are publishing each week. Anyway, have a great xmas and enjoy the workouts ! Con and Niki

  4. Hope you enjoy. It looks easy but as you probably already know that when somethings looks easy it’s usually because it is not. We’re adding new exercise progressions for all basic exercise which should be up this week. We cover 15 variations for abs from level 1 to 15, Level 1 – 12 for push up, level 1 – 15 for pull ups, and level 1 - 12 for squats. So no matter what your level you will find a level that is perfect for you right now. Hope that helps.

  5. tonight, I´ll take your video as my training choice of the week.
    it looks easy, and I train regularly so.. it probably work out for me.
    thanks. Pal