FIVE GUARANTEED Ways to Gain Strength FAST (and Build Muscle!)

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  2. Hey! Anyone tried the Explosive Muscle Method (google it)? My sister´╗┐ says it gets people stronger:)

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  4. pop a whey protein shake about 15-30 mins after a shitload of benching, and for me at least im not even sore the next day, whereas w/o the´╗┐ shake my chest would be sore for 2-4 days

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  6. Bench press 2-3 times a week? It takes me about four days to recover from´╗┐ a chest day.

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  9. chef, TMW (twinmuscleworkout) keep saying that you should be working on each muscle´╗┐ group once a week with splits (either 3 or 4 day splits) but training intensely´╗┐ in those splits even if your a beginner. Is this good or would a upper/lower body split be just as good or even better. (Additional info im a 15 year old boy trying to gain muscle mass) at 6ft1 and 213-215lbs.

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  11. i suggess doing 7×5 reps, 80% of max weight. else, try follow the instructions´╗┐ Omarlsuf gives. really good tips.

  12. For those who DOESNT know…. by strenght training, you have to train heavy.
    less reps and more sett’s = more strenght improvement.
    If you do 3×12(10) with 70%-80% of max weight, you can forget about gaining strenght.
    Do 80%-85% of max weight, and do fewer rep’s and more setts.
    If you don’t feel secure about the weight, it is better to lower it instead of getting injuries.
    I personally do not train strenght that inthusiastic, but i myself would have to do 80%- max weight.´╗┐

  13. @OmarIsuf I´╗┐ challenge you! /watch?v=hMH0gUN_dtE

  14. ive always been´╗┐ told to control the weight to use slow movements as lifting quickly can lead to bad form and snap some shiste up. however lifting quickly as im aware also gives you that explosive burst which is need for errr harder gains maybe? Could you elaborate on these subjects please?

  15. The´╗┐ strength tips still apply, but the immortal workouts are for intermediate lifters wishing to gain strictly size!

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  17. I love the video…but disagree on the Speed Tip. Seen too´╗┐ many people (on the bench press for example) that are using the velocity to get the barbell up. Yet if they did it normal speed (count of 4 up and down on average) they wouldn’t be able to lift the weight very far off their chest (ie… they aren’t strong enough to lift that weight). Check out Pavel’s book Power to the People to read a full explanation on the principles behind it. Plus speed often = bad form which leads to injuries.

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  19. What if your doing the´╗┐ immortal workouts?

  20. failure i.e 8-12 reps is stimulating the muscles doing 3-5 is just for the nervous system the nervous system is´╗┐ what gives us our strength

  21. 2/3 times a´╗┐ week, that might be over doing it, your sholders can’t maintain 3 heavy chest workouts a week. Even with proper nutrition and rest it would be tough recovering in time. At least for bench press any way.

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