Football Strength Training In Season Workout Design

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  1. HanstheDestroyer215

    should this be done before, or after practice?

  2. I play football, and thank you, yes Thks elliot, i really need help with this,

  3. I should add that I play basketball.

    I have the same reason to come here since I’m looking for this hybrid stuff by Elliot and guests. I’ve learned so much by only watching his channel since two weeks.
    Thanks a lot, Elliot! Maybe I should come up with some concrete questions. You’re really an inspiration for improving myself in training and life.

  4. Hmm, I have a cycle of 2 weeks of strength conditioning, then 4-6 wks hypertrophy (Push&Pull Split – 3/4 times a week, i really appreciate it) then 3-4 wks MAX strength (intramuscular coordination, less volume, high intensity) You could mix them up (pyramid training and stuff) but literature says splittin them up should be more efficient with more than 1 month of training

    Then 4-6 weeks preseason power and explosiveness in general, almost only compound movements like deadlift/MP etc

  5. Good video man, but i have a question? can i do bodybuilding and strenght and power in offseason? i mean, i want to get bigger for college ball. i think i need some bodybuilding training but i want to improve my power and strenght.
    how should i do it? i have like 2-3 days per week, should i do, 1 week bodybuilding and the next week power and strenght? Help me PLEASE!

  6. Good advice! Thanks for posting. Some great ideas to keep in mind when designing a program.

  7. what song is that in the beginning

  8. best part of this is NO pressing movements & volume is perfect. We do more foams roll & shoulder/neck work but this is great example coach….

  9. holy crap this is crazy this is almost exactly what we do for football here at the university of south alabama, crazy tempo, 2 days a week in-season, very similar reps, very similar rest intervals, and just today we did deadlift super setted with box squats and a back lift, tht kinda craazy lol

  10. great video!!!

  11. fuck you! football is the greatest sport ever!!!!

  12. ConstantMotionSD

    When you mentioned your body building exercises to include, I agree that working the posterior chain is critical, but don’t you think the posterior chain is being worked sufficiently with the box jumps and dead lifts? (Particularly when you’re discussing an IN-SEASON training plan)

  13. LovingScrubbies

    Structuring the workout schedule is the most difficult thing.
    I’m an older guy and I do not compete in a sport, but my life is sort of my equivalent to that which I train around. The only thing I get right month to month is that I do the basic 3. Everything more is gravy.

  14. Great video

  15. great video

  16. great info coach thankyou!!!

  17. deffs do a vid on the plank

  18. SuperTitties101

    Keen to see The “PLANK” vid.

  19. @LTMagic21 he says it at @2:35 yea I hope that’s what he means lol

  20. hahaha what question is this? he obviously meant 3-5 days a week

  21. TheBlackSheep2134

    it’s also the school I went to. Several of us(mostly starters,imagine that lol) signed up to come in during the morning before school during season and got full workouts in 4 days. We would watch film or get gear ready at the field while the others worked out in the PM. 4 years we never lost more than 2 games in regular season 3 overall. Did something right.

  22. TheBlackSheep2134

    another problem is time constraints, coaches are only allowed to keep students until a certain time after school(at least in Oklahoma). Do you sacrifice practice time or training time? It will need to be a very quick work out. At the school I cover for the newspaper they get in a quick 30 min workout 3 days a week.