HASfit 15 Minute Dumbbell Workout Routine – Dumbbells Exercises for Strength – Training Work Out

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  1. Gregory Williams

    it seemed so simple on round 1…by round 5 i hated him..great stuff

  2. I love their 90day warrior program

  3. Came across this great workout routine. Give it a try´╗┐

  4. How long should we break between circuits? Is the break time in the video
    enough, or should it be longer?

  5. Just finished this it’s good for people to get back in shape

  6. My classmates laughed when they saw your comment!!!!

  7. If you are looking to build muscle, you should Google “H6x Muscle Monster”.
    You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  8. you are going way too fast

  9. Thiis was a hard one. I just started a few days ago. I’ve been doing double
    workouts (thinking I was fit enough to double up). One in the morning and
    one late at night when I find myself getting bored and thinking of food. I
    really found this one hard since I did kickboxing earlier and really felt
    it. I am so thankful for HASfit, I believe that I can achieve the desired
    look and with the right team. I will keep Coach Kozak and team updated as I
    complete the 30 day challenge and move onto the 90

  10. Can this help me lose more weight? Cos I was advicd by a trainer not to use
    weights to lose weight. He said that the muscles would hold on to the fat.
    Is that true? Honestly I get mixed advice and I dunno which one to listen.
    I decided to ask cos I had great result with the cardio kickboxg and I knew
    u guys knows what ur talking about. Hope u can help me lose more weight.

  11. I love that quote.. I’m going to work out till I don’t jiggle lol.. That’s
    my goal..Not to get ripped, just don’t want to jiggle ha.. thanks for

  12. @gueo224s Dude I can’t post the link to the muscle building plan but if you
    go to my profile you’ll see it on the description

  13. How many times a week should we do this workout?

  14. Not trying to sound cocky but…10-25lbs??? i started at 25lbs…

  15. You know you’re really out of shape when you do only half of this workout
    and your legs are still sore 3 days later……

  16. Good luck , God bless

  17. ArmandoJesseCarlin

    I really appreciate what you guys do, helping me sculpt my body at my own

  18. thanks, i will try this later. I’m doing this more for heart health.

  19. nice. Can’t last the last 2 rounds though. I’m gonna do it everyday.

  20. only 4 rounds remaining….what!?

  21. I may be a man, but just for this workout I will be a woman. 5 pounds it is.

  22. this is just a hobby type thing if you want to do this twice a day then do
    it but give your body some rest first

  23. Weights will help build muscle which will help you lose weight! Muscle burn
    extra calories throughout the day! Keep using weights and you’ll get those

  24. Ok, now this is the toughest one in my opinion.

  25. ok so at the beginning of the workout I thought it would be easy so i
    increase my weighs but by the 3 rounds I could barley hold on to them so i
    moved back to l my lighter weights lol. My arms are gonna be so sore
    tomorrow for sure.