High intensity explosive power, functional strength and stability training

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  1. Badass dude!

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  3. i watch this every this everytime before i go training,amazing

  4. 3:06 the grudge hahahaha

  5. using knowledge to earn money. i see no light in it

  6. SpaghettiAndPizza

    u wot m&

  7. Envious, not jealous. And, are we watching the same video? 0:51 she sprints on a treadmill 1:10 she does some kind of pulley exercise 1:39 she does a pulley chest press 2:15 she does a t-bar row with one 45lb plate 2:24 she stretches 2:39 she stretches again 2:51 she stretches one more time 3:04 she balances on one foot 3:35 she punches and kicks 3:57 she does another pulley exercise 4:07 she does an assisted pull up…Not trying to hate, here. The guys were amazing. The girl was average.

  8. I just put that song on my ipod!

  9. BraveSouls Brave

    tha fug ?

  10. this. is. insane.

  11. Whatever you do, don’t read the description

  12. illusionarytactic

    what song is this

  13. Best greetings from Bulgaria , you guys are unbelievable…
    Our own group has to train for years to reach your level 😉

  14. AcidSemenThrower

    This is amazing…you guys should make a DVD and I would buy it…

  15. like dragon ball z haha

  16. good video about what u guys can do but a lot of us cant duplicate that…

  17. Brandon McCallum

    Are you guys really humans? lol

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  20. Aww man, I want to train with you guys!

  21. Those roller thingys on 1:33 are cool where would i buy those

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