High Knees Exercise How To Fitness Workout

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  1. That’s right, it just takes a decision, a lot of heart , and consistent effort. You CAN do it !

  2. Training, so I could be in the 2016 olympics!

  3. If the knee caps are sore when doing these activities only when landing flat footed then I would focus on stretching your HIP FLEXOR and getting some rotation in your spine. Keep an eye out on our uploads and i’ll do a video on how to overcome this by doing these two exercises. regards Con.

  4. Please elaborate on what you mean when you say you are hurting yourself. How do you know you’re hurting yourself, please elaborate so I understand exactly what you mean and then i’ll be in a better position to answer your question. Thanks Con

  5. You are welcome. We are glad you liked the video.

  6. Good video! thank you!

  7. You’re welcome and thank you for the compliment, regards from Con and Niki

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    nice video thanks :)

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  10. OK ? and the purpose of your comment was ? !

  11. Dude, open your eyes !

  12. He’s a fitness guy whose not in shape…….interesting.