How To Build Strength & Muscle: QnA With Joe Meglio

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  1. You need better quality camera!

  2. This dude is strong as hell and sounds like a hell of a coach already at 23, focusing on risk/reward, athlete’s needs etc. This guy is better than most Crossfit “coaches” I’ve met and also many career “PT’s” already, props.

  3. Refering back from my years of experience and knowledge that I have gained the ultimate gains in strength and size are going to come from lower reps. If tossing around heavy weight for less then 5 reps is a bit much on your body then sticking to an 8-10 rep range is optimal. When you get into the 12+ range its not that your not gaining strength any more but your training your body for muscle endurance. All in all your pushing and tearing muscle fibers which in the end will yield a stronger body.

  4. Hello, My name is tony. My question is can you still gain strength with a rep rang of 12 and four sets for each body part. i an in my mid forties and still want to gain gorilla strength, even if it takes longer for the gains i am good with that but want the strength and power for martial arts. thanks and keep up the good word and work.

  5. This guy got legs, arms, chest, and a back. If he was duel wielding brass knuckles everyone would be lights out! Respect.