How to Build Strength with Exercise Bands #438

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  1. XanderThePandaBear

    Obviously you support your product, but how would you compare it to NOW foods, Nature’s Way, Doctor’s Best, etc?

  2. I am a shaklee distributor. the vitamins are made from whole foods, organic, bioavailable, and processed at low heat.

  3. 2:05

  4. Rather get the Yoga gym swing.

  5. Where’s the intensity and progressive overload for building strength and muscularity? This guy is completely missing the mark. I’m sorry, but his muscles aren’t doing any real intense work that will make them break down and grow back stronger. He’s just burning calories, that’s it.

  6. Great video, but I went to his website, and it looks like you get 3 cds, 1 workout book, an exercise ball and pump, and bands.

    It says it’s a $997 + s/h value, but he’s selling it for $297 + s/h. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS??!!

    I’m sorry, but this is excessive, if not ridiculous and unethical. And yes, what kind of cost can you put on your health? But what kind of profit is trying to be made off of someone’s lack of it?

    When will I get healthy? Well, I guess it’s when I can afford it!


  7. i dont agree with the guy. if im an elite athlete, why wouldnt i train monday wedsnday friday. Specially if i adjust intensity and duration accordingly.

  8. XanderThePandaBear

    Completely unrelated, but I figure you guys know your stuff…

    Does anyone know anything about Shaklee vitamins?

  9. i’m getting healthy right now =^-^=

  10. rite now im tired of being tired

  11. DominikTheProducer

    Hi Kevin & Joe!!! :  ]

  12. great examples of a few really easally doable exercises. i’m more likely to do exercises that don’t require going to the gym or buying expensive equipment 🙁

    I’m always getting “more” healthy! One step at a time though!