How To Build Upper Body Strength, Power, and MUSCLE

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  1. getitdonefitness

    Come on in to my gym and find out if that’s what really happens…

  2. every 10 secs of workout…he has 20 mins of break within takes! lol=)

  3. I do this in my sleep. Seriously.

  4. DAMN!!!!!

  5. 8infectedTesticals

    holy shit dude ur on crack

  6. Dude, I cant do this, I admit but you are suppost to show to all of us how to reach that level of yours? So all I need to do is thousand of jumping push-ups? How to do that when i can do only 10 x 4? Explain where to start and stop showing up ’cause wh have eyes and can see that you are in absolutely great condition. Thank you.

  7. How long will it take to gain enough mucle to do something like pull ups or lifting yourself onto a leage…. i’ve tried to learn parkour but im too weak

  8. how long does it take you to get used to it? im just wondering cause im tired of using weight..

  9. i hate how easy you make it look