How to Gain Mass In Your Biceps

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  1. I disagree. You can’t get stronger, significantly stronger without getting
    bigger. Otherwise you’d get skinny ass motherfuckers deadlifting 600
    pounds. I have seen ZERO skinny wimps that can do that.

  2. Aww.. Where’s your brother? Aren’t you two usually ALWAYS together.. so
    cute you two.. grown men who makes videos like teenage girls :).. 

  3. Saje'- Antoine Rose

    Hi i am a 13 year old ectomorph teen i have been lifting weight for a year
    now and i gained 25 pounds of muscle since then i am now 115 pounds how
    can i gain another 25? Thanks and greetings from canada

  4. I grew my arms by 1 inch and a half. This took me 6 months. However about 4
    months I met this black guy in the gym. He was 18, about 5ft 5 and he was
    quite skinny. He would struggle to take off the clips at the end off
    barbells. Anyway….4 months later, i see him today and his arms are the
    same size as mine!!! I worked on triceps and biceps twice a week on
    different days and i eat healthy. This kid comes along with major gains. Im
    guessing its just that he has good genetics or going through puberty or

    How did it take you guys to grow an inch in your arms?

  5. So less weight, with less rest periods, will build mass?

  6. I’ve always found that 21s were a great way to gain mass in the biceps. My
    biceps are 18”. 

  7. HairNailsBeautytips

    You are so right! Started workout and I feel much stronger and flexible. I
    will try you method. Thanks Elliott! 

  8. yeah, pumping the muscle with blood helps it grow more , high reps like 15
    -20 reps will be more effective than 8-10 because you get more time under
    tension ,so drop the weight and do high reps.

  9. You can still get stronger while adding mass… 



  11. Go Google Muscle Maker Method to learn out how a groundbreaking discovery
    made an average guy buff.

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    help support the strength and fitness community. Thanks 

  13. UltimateWarrior206

    Might try more less weight / more rep less rest. See what happens.

  14. So true so true. I also lack strength but I have “massive” arms for an
    amateur. Just because I do EXACTLY what he says and I did it for a pretty
    long time. I see guys in my studio who look like nothing compared to me but
    fuck it they are strong. 

  15. Andrei Chiparus

    i have a question ….how can i combine getting mass with getting strenght
    ? that is verry important …because it’s useles to have big muscles if
    they aren’t soo strong ….i want to have both …mass and strenght….can
    tou give me some advice ?

  16. “Strength doesn’t mean gaining mass”

    You have got to be fucking kidding me!! Go and find one person who can
    deadlift 300kg for 15 reps and tell me how fucking big he is. This is utter
    fucking rubbish.

    The strongest guys in the gym are the biggest guys.

  17. What do you mean by more volume? 

  18. 2:43 “Things where you cause your bicep to be under longer *___*”
    longer what?
    2:41 **

  19. I am so confused… Some youtubers say more volume and time under tension
    leads to bicep growth. Some say going heavy with only 6 to 10 reps sparks
    growth because for a natural builder the only way to get bigger is to get
    stronger, which isn’t achieved with high volume… Can someone clear this
    up for me?

  20. So for muscular gains, time under tension is more important than gaining
    strength and lifting more weight? Is no one going to argue against this?

  21. So can I be stronger than a guy who has bigger muscles than me?

  22. Jacques Lecockgrande

    Why the fuck can’t I reply to anyones comments?

  23. some seriously asked this? wow

  24. what are negatives?

  25. Yosef Alshabib

    Is that his own gym?