Hybrid Training for Strength AND Size

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  1. If I bought the hybrid tranning reloaded could i do all the workouts at golds gym or do I need to go to some special gym

  2. Do you really think you build muscle with high reps (above 12)? I think it intuitively makes sense that if you go from lifting a 200 pound weight 8 times to lifting 235 8 times you will be bigger.

  3. that’s a great talk, thanks as always, Elliot

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  5. Hey, Eliot man. Please explain what a bench press is…?

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  8. if you were to focus on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy for a couple months to gain size and then came back to myofibrular hypertrophy, would you keep the size you gained?

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  11. it’s literally impossible to build more muscle cells…i think what he’s getting at (and he’s right) is he is talking about making micro tears in the muscle when you lift heavy, which then heal back and the scar tissue and the muscle fibers themselves simply heal back stronger than before.

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  16. I don’t know why your asking me since I am not a girl but I would say it depends on the girl. Almost all girls (I would assume) would like their men to stay in shape and have a better body.

  17. cut down to 8-10 %, then go on a slow bulk.

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  20. Do girls like muscles?

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  23. idk they are both pretty cool. TMW is funny as hell so I usually watch there videos even though I am not a bodybuilder. I am an athlete and strengthcamp’s videos are probably better suited towards me.

  24. Hey Elliot, I remember watching one of your earlier videos where you went over how manipulation of anabolic and catabolic state can be used to burn fat and build muscle. I like you are an endomorph(18%bf), Ive always been a bit soft but have no trouble putting on muscle. what are some things I need to do to manipulate both states to my advantage?
    Thanks for your videos, always entertaining and insightful.

  25. Im a wakeboarder what exercises should i do?