Incredible Transformation, Build Muscle, Build Strength the Right Way

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  1. If i had a personal trainer even me gets like that

  2. I’ve been lifting pretty much everyday and i’m trying to gain enough muscle mass before football starts next year to play fullback. i would appreciate it if someone could recommend me a weight gainer that would help me gain muscle mass quick, i wouldnt mind if its a little fattening. my goal is to gain 25 pounds by football season

  3. thats inspiring…I wish I cared more and committed myself to wrestling before it was over. What is the benefit of the wide leg dl?

  4. thats how its done!

  5. What state are you in?

  6. these guys do squats right ass to the grass

  7. I have a question. when i was 18 i was bigger and stronger than i am now at 21. i have been working out just as intensly, and have never stopped. its very frustarting and im very curious as of to why? I don’t know of anybody else who ever went through something like this. please help.


  8. oldmateoverhere

    im saying this out of ignorance not arrogance, isn’t it better to have a less wide stance when deadlifting? i dont know

  9. not bad, 25 lbs in 1 year, bodybuilders on steroids have a problem doing that. i wonder if those ball like wieghts make ur wrists strongest and bigger, not fore arms, tell me if they do

  10. damn nice job!! Hey I’m 16 almost 17 and im skinny small lol I’m 5’8, weigh 120lbs 5% BF, and I play Basketball/Football. I want to get bigger but maintain my speed…would this program help me keep my speed while getting stronger and bigger? Also this program iz for athletes rite not one of those bodybuilding ones?

  11. Awesome training! Does anyone know what that cylinder-shaped barbell (at 1:30) is called or what company makes them?

  12. Awsome!! This is Old School 😉 La vieja escuela

  13. great workouts

  14. Where can i buy the shirt with the slogan “Strong(er)” ?

    Great Stuff !

  15. Where can i buy the shirt with the slogan “Strong(er)” ?

    Great Stuff

  16. Lots of good hard workouts = results.

  17. mmaarrkkoodd1990


  18. I cant buy this song ANYWHERE – can anybody help me out?

  19. Great job on the training, reminded me of when I wrestled. Most people dont realize all the hard work it takes to be that all around great wrestler with speed, strength, and endurance, keep up the hard work only good things well come out of it.  I imagine you must be tearing through your weight class?

  20. transform me into a 185 beast~!!!!!! I’m curious? how was his diet??

  21. nice video nice transformation and keep on working out

  22. 5:30 burpees with added weight was bad ass.

  23. i wish it showed his training program!!!!! or at least a part of it!!!!

  24. if you really need to ask that then you shouldent be taking it

  25. 6:13 405lbs D: