Jon Beason Carolina Panthers Linebacker Strength Training Program –

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  1. @ficyfto yep i agree. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. And my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. just follow what video is saying to you here >

  2. bommarito rocks

  3. Add Ray Lewis..

  4. Props to Beason, being an linebacker is an art form, and playing the mike is truely and art form, the ability to read, shoot gaps and make plays in the back field. props to beason representing the position proper.

  5. if willis and beason were on the steelers they would be beast the other team trying to run to the left is lamaar woodley to the right james harrison to the middle beason and willis the ground game is fucked

  6. Its all about the U

  7. Of course he is from the U!!!!

  8. holy fuck he’s fast

  9. he only has 19 225s

  10. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Right now our defense due to injuries is not up to par with three very crucial Defensive starters out but knowing Rivera and how he’s put together top defenses in the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes (number 1 Defense in 2010 with Chargers), I know that once we get our guys back and add some others that Rivera will use to build his defense, we’ll be back in the running. Cam is awesome thanks. Is your team the 9ers because they’ve been very impressive so far as well.

  11. yeah i know jon beason is a great athlete and anyone that is as good a physical specimine as any to make the NFL is a very good athlete and yeah jon beason is a beast and is a great athlete and so is p willy and ray lewis etc i dont have anything against the panthers they are a great team with alot of potential and will be really good the next couple years with cam too

  12. To be honest IMO they’re always neck and neck. Jon Beason is an excellent overall athlete as well. Due to injuries to our LB core last year Beason moved from MLB to OLB and still made the Pro Bowl. He also does so much for our defense, he’s an incredibly good signal caller and lines up our players in a an outstanding fashion. However this year our LB core has been riddled with injuries. Jon Beason and Thomas Davis went out for the season and we’re playing with 3rd stringers.

  13. yeah but i mean ray lewis has the best career and is still one of the best overall players in the league let alone patrick willis he is probably the best overall defensive player cuz hes just simply a beast and cuz im a 9er fan too

  14. This year with Beason being out for the season since game 1, I’d say Willis but they’re neck and neck most of the time. Lewis is hanging on by his popularity because he’s just to old to be as dynamic as these guys.

  15. nah p willis and ray lewis are

  16. lots of do i know.i played nfl for 4 years boys.lots of hgh and steroids.dnt get me wrong.hard training also but lots of drugs

  17. If you’ve watched a good amount of these videos you realize these guys are super duper strong. They just have incredible speed and power to go with their strength

  18. IF i didnt know any better i would think Willis and Beason were cousins

  19. wait i thought his name was jon beast?

  20. CarolinapanthersRon

    95 on top 100 is just bullshit

  21. don’t forget Brian Urlacher

  22. What’s going on @ :27 seconds? Flexibility? Form check for lat pulldowns?

  23. ryans over mayo?? nawww. mayo is a boss

  24. ha, nice try, Beason Willis and maybe Demeco Ryans instead of Lewis (he’s grown older)

  25. Patrick Willis is way bigger and faster than this guy