Lower Body Strength Training for Parkour

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  1. I have a question, have you heard of this method called the Max Muscle Method? (google it). My uncle says it gets people ripped fast.

  2. 2:41 “STEP UPS” then cut :)))) LMAOF

  3. Does this increase vertical jump and make my backflip higher?

  4. love everything about this,

  5. Jack1FrozenParkour

    i have extremely overdeveloped quads, and i’m holding off quad training, and doing 5 sets of 3 of the reverse sit up motion with my feet under my bed. i’m also stretching my hamstrings. i’ve seen a lot of improvement.

  6. Jack1FrozenParkour

    i’m tall as well, i feel your pain. (tall people have more knee injuries, damn midgets.) so, i don’t know your story, but the main things i’ve noticed with knee pain, is that if you are too loud and heavy in your movement, the shock goes straight to your knees. Also! Take rest days.  so in short, don’t train every day, and be as quiet as possible. being quiet will strengthen up your body, not destroy it. One more thing. strengthening your quads and not hams will hurt your knees too.

  7. LeetZoneProductions

    I’m about 185 cm tall. And my knees hurt like hell when i bend my legs. My knees weren’t like that a month ago. Is there anything i can do to reduce the pain?

  8. SecondAgeOfReason

    I still can’t do pistols without lifting my heels, but I’m doing stretches and slow two footed squats without weight to progressively get lower without lifting my heels, and I’ve made some progress.

  9. 4:02 lol watch the guy on the slides face

  10. thank you guys.. you seem very knowledgeable are you guys gonna be making a video for upper body?? i ask because i feel my front shoulders or more developed that the rear i want to make shure i dont set myself up for an injury… thanks…

  11. how many reps and sets do i do of each?????


  13. Ok now you got me thinking if my parkour conditioning training is well done or not. Lower body I got it but what about upper body and core?
    Could you show or mention some of the most correct exercises?

    Thanks and congrats from Portugal parkour 😉

  14. I myself ruined my knee’s through over training in Parkour and over training in P90X at the same time. out of all the joints we use in parkour the knee’s are perhaps the most under appreciated, take it from me guys it’s hell gettin em scoped and spending 6months re-building your body to the level it was at.

  15. 0:49….my mom had to come in and ask me what the hell i was watching……

  16. Haha I like these guys 🙂

  17. i like the chines guy he so funny

  18. MattJonesSemteX

    i love this vid lol ill definatly be using the wall squats! thay look perfect, ive always had trouble with doing the correctly. ant more vids like this would be awesome. maybe something on plyometrics or more in depth info on things like the posterior chain ect not much info on things like that out there at the mo 🙂

  19. great video. hilarious and effective. what a tutorial should be!

  20. Good help

  21. awesome
    ma on the slide was great

  22. awesome

  23. Wow nice tutorial! Thanks guys

  24. thanks soooo much guys, im lucky i found this video because i have been doing parkour for 5 years, and for the past year ive had horrible knee problems.im gonna start doing these right away 😀