MMA Strength Training Circuits – High Level Conditioning for Fighters

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  1. Man I like this circuit! I am going to use a few of those drills in my circuits.

  2. thanks for the inovations. Tire fight: has been added to my brothers and my friday circuits. How brutal is this.

  3. Great circuits, deffinatly going to use parts of them in my training.

  4. love this shit

  5. definitely training explosiveness and endurance

  6. keepingitrawcouk

    wow good work that was brutal 😉

  7. how about the explosiveness training , i mean this kind of training is more about endurance even it trains your explosiveness, right?

  8. I wish we had that stuff to train with… I’d love to train like them!

  9. this is some really good stuff but its hard to get all of that equipment.

  10. How could you NOT like this stuff?!? Awesome stuff once again!

  11. theJamesWilliams

    Unreal! The future of combat training

  12. nice. you could also have them go around the tire instead of static pushup off of it.

  13. thanks for watching brother.

  14. awesome just awesome training