My natural body transformation

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  1. Wow man well at least you could start bulking straight away @ that length + weight right? Or didn’t you? I’m about 185 and weigh 176lbs (80kg) so I’m higher on BF percentage… I just started working out a few weeks ago (making a training schedule based on compound movements mostly) and I’m going to see how far it takes me. Gotta work on the diet though. Doesn’t matter what I eat I always stay the same weight. So there’s something wrong there anyway.

  2. Great transformation dude! How do you bulking easily? What is your diet routine?

  3. hey dude what is the name of the song in the intro ?

  4. lol…I’m going to kindly ask you to fuck off

  5. TheGrizzlyBear69

    No one likes a cocky prick.

  6. Fantastic transformation – well done! You got better genes than me.

  7. I’m 175 centimeters.

  8. what your height? great transformation btw

  9. Okay. Non taken. Bodybuilding is such a genetics game. You gotta work with that you got.

  10. NO hate intended, you did a good job man. But it was always easy for me to put on muscle and stay lean too. Guess genetics are a major factor

  11. Well congrats to you then Jim.

  12. meh, I did better in less time =)

  13. Congratulations, pure passion and dedication.

  14. Thank you. I use a lot of liquid calories such as milk, healthy oils etc. It makes it easy to get my calories down. I’ll talk about my diet routine in a video I’ll be making in a few weeks.

  15. Julius Malazarte


  16. You look great at 84kg!

  17. Great transformation dude! How do you bulking easily? What is your diet routine?

  18. hard work and determination, good job

  19. jeg elsker sætningen: I was starting to feel too fat, so i started cutting again 🙂 ps. det ser dope ud marcus!!

  20. Wow, impressive!