Jul 14

Programming for Powerlifting and Strength Training

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Jun 14

Fitness Wearables From LG Coming On May 18

Good news for the fitness freaks across the world. LG is coming up with new fitness gadgets that can be worn to work upon several fitness issues of people. Two gadgets-life band touch and heart arte earphones were first unveiled at the CES. These two gadgets now will be launched officially for the consumers’ use on May 18. Experts hope that the LG fitness wearable’s can be purchased from markets by the end of this month.

These fitness gadgets of LG can be easily connected to the smart phones that have either iOS or the Android as their operating systems. While designed to work with the LG fitness application, these two gadgets will also be compatible with a range of other devices like run keeper, myfitnesspal and mapmyfitness.

The life band touch bracelet of LG has a  0.9 full touch OLED display for real time access to fitness data. There are two sensors in the lifeband touch bracelet. A triple axis accelerometer and an altimeter. These two features work together to provide exact data in real time. The LG fitness bracelet comes with three different sizes-small, medium and large. This will cost around $150.

The other device, LG heart rate device has been designed to feature heart rate data by measuring blood flow pressure in the ear. “The heart rate ear phone provides unique physiology. It allows more exact fitness metrics, especially when you are into any kind of physical activity like running, lifting weights, rowing etc,” said a gadget analysis while commenting on the new product of LG.

The headphones can be used as a solo tracker. It also can be used in concert with the lifeband bracelet. It provides audible status updates those who wear it. Now it is time to see whether the LG fitness products can find customer once they are launched in May end.

Jun 14

STACK Fitness Weekly: Build Strength and Endurance Like an MMA Fighter

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May 14

Compex Muscle Stimulator Cycling Specific Strength Training

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Apr 14

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 1: Single Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank

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Mar 14

10 Min Beginner Leg Workout – HASfit Easy Leg Workouts – Beginner Strength Training – Easy Exercises

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Feb 14

Fitness program to back your New Year’s resolution

Each year, a whole lot of people take New Year’s resolutions, still, just 8 percent of them become successful with that, stated a new study by University of Scranton on the new year’s resolution. Some top resolutions are fitness and health related. And, as a result, fitness gyms are full of new members as well as people fills the healthy food sections at a shop.

Barber Gym’s Marine Corps Community Services Fitness and Health Promotion team could offer the service you require. The classes and programs offered vary from fitness to exercise courses even to classes on weight control and nutrition.

MCCS Fitness and Health Promotion’s director Veronica Nelson told that most of their programs are available and on-going to all of their members. At times, though they offer people extra incentives to live healthier, like ‘Mission Slimpossible’ program which begins later this month.

Mission Slimpossible, which is an 8 week long challenge to live healthier and lose weight. Teams of 2 can sign up till 24th January. Prizes include t-shirts, Semper Fit lunchboxes and a top prize which has not been announced as of now. Teams could earn all these earlier mentioned prizes by losing weight and with proper work out, and also taking classes on nutrition and healthy eating.

MCCS dietitian Lauren King stated that they offer several different classes on basic nutrition and healthy eating. Teams could attend different classes as well as earn points while learning healthier lifestyles.