Parkour & Freerun Strength Training Exercises –

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  1. Half of the moves are on p90x

  2. wie oft machst du das die woche

  3. @nngbrqu yep i agree. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. btw! my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. must watch this killer video methods here >

  4. : D

  5. holy crap i only got to ten when my muscles burned this just means i have to work harder

  6. What you’re doing is simply amazing!!

  7. Nothing is simple, you can make it as hard as you want. Yes, 10 push ups is a piece of cake. Try do it until your muscles burn. Lets see if it’s as easy as first

  8. the shin exercises feel weird o_o

  9. That’s a hard core work out

  10. superdanny13100

    I mean parkour damn auto correct wait-ah kill the comment

  11. superdanny13100

    thank you I will favorite and sub and hopefully I’ll be able to do some Hardkore Parlour!

  12. TheCaptainjuicy

    I shall try to do these work outs so i at least pass the first round of ninja warrior one day!

  13. Thank you

  14. Well done very good

  15. That would be awesome sir.

  16. Killerspider762

    I think so. personally Im doing both though. If you want, I can PM you my current routine. Its three days a week mostly with pushup and pull up variations.

  17. 4:01 – 4:19 XDDDD

  18. very simple 1 hard

  19. theamazingHandM

    best anime ever it should be number one and not naruto


  20. theamazingHandM

    dragonball theme

  21. in how may days im gonna be able to parjour or freerun if i still like that?

  22. perfect song to excercise xD

  23. TheCickenStyler


  24. The examples seem to be done by a Brian cox look a like

  25. So to have that kind of like agile strength for parkour and gymnastics, is it best to do body weight exercises like these as opposed to using weights?