Pilates Essentials, FULL 30 Minute exercise video – eFit30

Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. merci

  2. on dirait tu as 20 ans trés belle sillouette

  3. ElenaPostolachi

    Thank you for this video!

  4. ElenaPostolachi

    Thank you for this video!

  5. Great workout!!! thanks

  6. Definitely not a full body workout. I’d consider it a low impact core workout. Slow pace and kind of boring. No leg work.


  8. great teacher!! thanks! :)

  9. Really good work out. I’ve been doing weight training and crossfit and this was pretty challenging.

  10. i love this work out

  11. I really loved this routine,it was challenging enough for me and she told us the modifications if it was too hard. This is a video I would do again. I am in my late 30’s,not really trying to lose weight but my main thing is gaining strength because I dont want to become a weak old lady like majority of women do as they age.I dont care about the aesthetic reasons at all.

  12. Yes totally, go to our channel page and do our 6 week “train like an Olympian” program! There are weekly instructions on the website.

  13. by doing this routine, along with mixing in some other beginner routines, and doing a 20 minute mid-intensity cardio session, would i be able to become more toned and lean-muscled?
    P.S loved this routine, challenging but felt amazing afterwards <3 x

  14. ask your doctor.

  15. Seriously wanna do this every day

  16. Angela lives and breathes Pilates!

  17. I would recommend 5 days a week is enough. You can mix the Pilates routines up a bit. It is fine to do the Pilates on it’s own but if you want to see some faster results try mixing a cardio session in once or twice a week.

  18. No need to omit any of the exercises from this video. If you want to mix it up instead of doing the same routine have a look at the other Pilates work outs. If you are exercising every day and eating healthy you will notice a change in your body around week 3 to 4.

  19. why are you so toned?!

  20. I am trying to conceive and trying to loose 10lbs. Are there any exercises I should omit from the pilates video? How fast will I see a change in my body if this video everyday?

  21. i do these pilates workouts from here daily:) it really does show superb results!!!

  22. I guess you need to do it every other day,not every day.Because you need to let your body muscles to relax for a day after you do your workout 🙂

  23. 75halloweenqueen

    its so cute how she says belly 🙂 great work out 🙂 thx

  24. great video! very easy to follow 🙂

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