Pilates Essentials Full 30 minutes – eFit30

Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Fátima Avilés Cadena

    thank you, thank you!!!

  2. no stretching???!?!! :/

  3. Thanks for your support. We are filming this weekend so there will be new stuff soon.

  4. Oh thank you, wasn’t expecting a reply but that is most appreciated. I put your link on my Twitter too as people where asking me so hopefully you had a few more views over the last couple of days:) take care, thanks again

  5. Great to hear about the result and why you use our video’s. You and people like you are exactly why we do this! Keep going and good luck.

  6. this and your beginners Pilates has shown me noticeable changes in my body after only five days, i’ve never really worked out before other than a little bit of yoga so thanks for posting this video as i don’t have time to do classes!

  7. omg im gonna do this tommorrow thank u so much i was looking for a new pilates to di this is perfect.