Pilates Essentials two. full 30 minutes, eFit30

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  1. Valeria Kierbel

    1 week doing this 1 per day and I can see the results already!! ! thank you so much!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, we hope to do more soon.

  3. Thanks for your comments. It’s great to get your feedback. You are why we are here! We also have a website, an iPhone app, podcast and blog. Please support our advertisers that is how we get paid to produce videos! Feel free to ask questions we will try to help where we can. 🙂

  4. gabriellacassano6

    thank you for sharing your expertise with people like me who can’t afford a personal trainer and need inspiration to workout for our health. Having something more than 5 min. to follow is wonderful. You are an angel.

  5. Thank you, i find n comparison to other work out videos, you explain the position of the body more clearly and the breathing. thanks again