Programming for Powerlifting and Strength Training

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  1. strong2stronger .

    This is a real treat for me, thanks for the video Josh!

  2. Wayyyy too much work for me!

  3. Hey! I know you! Sorry, Josh; I didn’t realize you were Fit4Life. I
    remember people much better by their youtube handles, it seems. It was very
    nice meeting you at RUM, sir.

  4. Some helpful info. Thanks.

  5. Good luck on your mock meet! Do you have an idea of what your 2014 meet
    schedule is gonna be like?

  6. dont you think that this kinda periodization is way too advanced for you?
    at least for bench maybe. i think that weekly progression like Texas method
    for example van still work for you with a cycle being 1 week. so you can
    make weekly gains. now your just lifting light for too long wasting
    potential gains

  7. Darrel Alonzo

    Really insightful channel man. I’m glad I found it.

  8. Alvs mondares

    Some good info, a lot of it too

  9. Great video. Thanks for the resources.